Many people look forward to foliage in the fall but don't like the idea of fallen leaves in their yard. Racking the leaves into a pile in the backyard can be tempting, but the work behind it can be daunting. As such, many people use leaf blowers, like an electric leaf blower, to tidy up the lawns to avoid overworking themselves.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers come in many types, including battery-powered, gas-powered, and electric leaf blowers. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, gas leaf blowers can produce more power than electric leaf blowers.

They are also more flexible for use in different places for as long as you want. On their downside, gas-powered blowers are heavier, noisier, and cause air pollution. They also need fuel, which increases their maintenance costs.

Electric Leaf Blower

Battery-powered leaf blowers don't come with a cord. They save you the inconvenience that comes with corded models and let you work anywhere. They also work more quietly than gas leaf blowers. Unfortunately, they have a limited life span and require constant recharging while you work.

It brings you to the benefits of electric leaf blowers. They're a better choice for casual home users who don't have large piles of leaves to handle. Other benefits of electric leaf blowers include:

  • They're lighter. Electric blowers are lighter and easier to control. Powerful batteries on battery-powered blowers add a lot of weight. Even the heaviest electric blowers weigh less than the most lightweight gas-powered blowers. They also help you save time while you work.
  • They work quietly: Low noise output is one benefit associated with electric leaf blowers. Since the only sound source is the blower itself. Gas-powered blowers generate sound from both the motor and the blower, hence the noisier performance.
  • Low air pollution: The primary benefit of using an electric blower is its emission compliance. Gasoline blowers emit irritating and unhealthy emissions that contribute to local smog. Electric models generate none of these fumes or emissions and are more environmentally sound.

The Best Electric Leaf Blowers for this Fall Season

While you may see leaf blowers as loud, fuel-spewing devices, newer electric models offer many benefits. Your search for the best model can be an uphill task, but this guide introduces you to some reliable models you can consider buying. Before buying a leaf blower, experts recommend that you keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a leaf blower depending on the size of your yard: Smaller yards without a lot of foliage will do well with a leaf blower with less power. Medium to large fields with a high accumulation of fallen leaves require more power.
  • Have a smart strategy for using the blower: A leaf blower will effectively gather the bulk of the leaves, but don't expect it to blow every last leaf off your lawn.
  • Go for an allweather leaf blower: Autumn isn't the only time to use a leaf blower. You can get the most out of your investment by getting a model that you can use all year round.

During winter, you can use it to blow dusty snow off your sidewalks, porches, stairs, or the top of your car. However, ensure you familiarize yourself with correctly utilizing a leaf blower during winter, spring, and summer.

  • Choose between a handheld and handbag leaf blower: handheld leaf blowers are the most popular as they allow you to hold them while operating them.

The backpack models let you use your shoulders and back to support the blowers' weight instead of your arms and wrists. The handheld types are ideal for home use, while the backpacks are suitable for professional use. With all the benefits of electric leaf blowers, you have every reason to switch to the models this fall. However, choosing from the myriad of electric bowers available on the market can be confusing.

This guide will help you pick a blower that suits your needs and performs to your expectations. The following electric leaf blowers top the list of electric blowers to consider this fall.

1. WORX 135 MPH Electric Leaf Blower

WORX is a powerful electric leaf blower that features 135 maximum MPH and a CFM of 800. It comes with an attachable Hyper-Stream air nozzle to allow you to direct the airflow where you need it. It also has a cord lock that keeps the cord in place and prevents the extension cord from disconnecting when snagged. WORX 134 MPH weighs approximately 6.6 pounds and is heavier than other electric models but also more powerful.


  • A powerful leaf blower that offers various speeds for users
  • It has a cord lock mechanism to keep the cord firmly in place.
  • It features a powerful 12 Amp motor.
  • A portable and convenient leaf blower that provides for ease of portability
  • Its noise rating of 82 dB falls within the standard noise levels of similar electric blowers.

2. Toro PowerJet F700

Toro PowerJet 700 is an electric blower with easy one-handed speed control. It works like an air bazooka by quickly and easily getting under damp, dense, or matted leaves to lift them and move them forward.

The simple, one-handed interface provides for seamless operation, and the curved angle allows for flexibility in positioning the angle of the airstream.

The blower also provides a second pommel grip at the handle's front. This design allows for a powerful airstream that may sometimes require a second hand for better control. Toro is one of the fairly-priced electric blowers, cheaper than most of its electric counterparts.

A factor to consider is that the blower is tethered to an outlet, limiting the range to 100 feet or less. You may need to buy an outdoor extension cord to go with it, cutting down on the savings a bit.


  • It has a maximum airspeed of 140 Mph that allows for the lifting of heavy damp leaves.
  • It delivers more power, with up to 728 air horsepower.
  • The Variable Speed Dial allows you to match the blower's capacity to the job.
  • Available at an unbeatable price
  • The cord lock mechanism holds the extension in place.

3. Black + Decker Electric Leaf Blower

This 7 Amp motor delivers a potent and reliable blowing performance. It oscillates between 180 Mph and 180CFM for a fast and seamless clear-out of leaves and debris. It's ideal for clearing debris from driveways, lawns, decks, and sidewalks. Its built-in cord retention prevents interruptions during cleanups. At 4.4 lbs., the blower is one of the lightest and most comfortable blowers that allow for one-handed use. It quickly helps you clear leaves and debris from your property, thanks to its powerful motor. It comes with built-in cord retention that prevents you from accidentally unplugging it.


  • It releases zero emissions in your yard, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • The motor has 240 Mph for ease of blowing leaves and debris
  • Fitted with an Anti-Clog Vortex Metal Impeller to prevent clogging when mulching
  • It doubles as a vacuum and has a tool-free switching mechanism between the two modes.
  • It features a built-in cord retainer to keep the extension in place to prevent interruptions.

4. Ego Power+ 650 CFM Electric Variable-Speed Blower

This electric leaf blower also doubles up as a battery-powered model with a powerful punch. It delivers speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, forcing up to 650 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on its turbo settings. It can run for 200 minutes on low power settings, giving you the ability to clean up more space on every charge. Its 5 Ah battery charges in about 100 minutes, allowing you to get back to work in the shortest time. The variable-speed control delivers between 225 and 500 CFM. The design is well-balanced, giving you a firmer grip. The blower also has flat and tapered nozzle attachments to allow for greater flexibility.


  • The blower has 2-in-1 blowing and vacuuming abilities
  • The design is compact and lightweight.
  • It runs for about 90 minutes before running out of charge.
  • The battery charges quickly.
  • The blower features an ergonomic design for user comfort and excellent balance.

5. GreenWorks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless Axial Blower

Cordless 56V electric leaf blower.
Cordless 56V electric leaf blower.

If you're looking for an electric leaf blower with low noise production, go for this GreenWorks Pro 80V Blower. It has a 60 dB rating, the same volume as the average conversion. It allows you to clean your yard without making noise for your household or the neighbors.

Its 2.0 Ah battery charges in approximately 30 minutes because of the rapid-charge charger. The blower can run for 70 minutes at low speed, 12 minutes on high, and 28 minutes at medium speed. It weighs about 9 pounds and can produce a massive airflow of 500 CFM at a top speed of 125 MPH.


  • Can run up to 70 minutes on low settings
  • Highly rated for quiet performance
  • A rapid charging system in about 30 minutes
  • It has a cushioned grip to reduce vibration and ease fatigue.
  • An impressive 80V system that produces an airspeed of 125 MPH

Final Thoughts

Leaf blowers provide an easy time when cleaning up your lawn and other outdoor areas. When choosing an electric blower this fall, consider your preference between corded or cordless. At Product IQ, we help our readers make the right decisions when choosing various products for home use. Check out our blog For more inspiration on leaf blowers and other home appliances, devices, and products.