The Trending Spring Hair Colors in 2022

Spring is a beautiful time, with flowers blooming and pleasant and welcoming weather. Fashion also undergoes a makeover, introducing new chic picks for all to try. The favorite part of spring is the chance to rejuvenate and restart. For some people, that means sprucing up their house. For others, it's about updating their physical appearance, especially their hair. Spring offers you a new chance if you're hesitant to book a hair appointment in the winter. Your hair, like your skin, suffers the harsh effects of sun exposure in summer. Spring is also the perfect time to give it a new lease of life, and there's no better way than to experiment with various spring hair colors.

The sun slightly bleaches your hair, especially if you expose it to swimming pool and seawater. It happens whether you have color on your hair or not. A wide selection of spring hair colors exists to help you counter these effects.

Hair Color Trends You Can Try

Switching up colors is an excellent starting point, whether you want to change your personality or add some dimension to your natural hair shade. Here are colors to consider:

  • Expensive blonde for a “hot” look.
  • Strawberry red for a toning glaze that keeps your hair soft and hydrated between appointments.
  • Pastel tips for bright hues on the hair's ends.
  • Curlights to add movement and volume.
  • Midnight brunette that looks black with some hints of brown for those that want to go dark.
  • Girl-next door copper for a pale base color with copper undertones.
  • Toasted caramel to restore warmth to your hair. As a bonus, this color requires less maintenance yet is a stylish option.

Retailers That Sell the Best Spring Hair Colors

Ensure you only buy from trusted retailers for the best hair color products for the results you desire. You can get the colors from HallyAmazon, or Garnier.

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