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Top 9 Lawnmowers on the Market in 2021

Obsessing over lawnmowers and the state of your lawn? You're not crazy! Everyone is obsessed with them, including the government. They are such a big deal in America that people have gone to jail and paid hefty fines for flouting lawn rules. Some US government buildings overseas have lawns in front of them as a proud symbol of the American identity.

The New York Times links this obsession to the belief that a neat and green lawn is a sign of success and status. The health of your lawn is a barometer for your life. If it's neat, you're doing well. If it's not, you're not doing well either. Believe it or not, Americans splurge $60 billion each year to have the perfect lawn.

Mowing the lawn makes you happier, anyway. So you should be obsessing over it. Having the perfect lawn starts with a good lawnmower. We know there are tons of options on the market. But we promise – none of them beat these 9 we have here. Read on to find out.

1. Troy-Bilt TB115: Affordable Gas Mower

With a 140cc engine capacity and a 21-inch cutting width, Troy-Bilt TB 115 lawnmowers are cut out for easy and fun mowing. The modest engine makes it light, which is perfect for an outdoor chore as we head to May.

The Troy-Bilt TB115 gives neat attention to the edges of small lawns. The side chute enables it to handle tall grass pretty well. If you want to mow in preparation for using a rider, this mower makes an ideal choice. It's easier on the pocket too, going for just below $280.

2. Greenworks 25223Best Electric for Mid-Size Yards

This has an admittedly eye-catching design for just doing chores. Greenworks added features to it that you won't normally find in medium-size lawnmowers. For starters, each rear tire is 10 inches wide. It also runs on a dual-battery system and is equipped to handle three tasks that make your lawn presentable – mulching, side discharging, and bagging.

Obsessing over the state of your lawn? You're not crazy!

To cap it all, this mower comes with a steel deck that allows you to position it in up to 7 different positions, supported by a spring lift system. The steel deck runs from the back to the front. Although you can't access the bag through the handle, this machine has amazing features for a medium-sized battery lawnmower. You can get the Greenworks 25223 for about $394.

3. Ego Lm2150sp: Multi-Blade Cutting

If this mower were a car, it would be a top-of-the-range automatic sports car. The design, the multiple blade system, and the fact that it's self-propelled are nothing short of future lawn mowing.

It has bagging and mulching blades, and a third blade designed to reduce drag through the lawn. It can run for 1 hour 15 minutes on the low-speed setting. The rear wheels help move it at a speed of 0.9 to about 3 miles per hour.

For sophistication's sake, this machine also comes with LED lighting and a foldable back handle. You can work much faster with its 21 inches long blade and deck-height adjustment feature. If you want to get the Ego Lm2150sp mower, it will cost you about $530, but it's worth it considering all the oomph and the critical features of handling mulch, side discharging, and bagging.

4. Toro 21382: Mowing Moist Lawns

If you're looking for lawnmowers you can use on damp lawns and hilly landscapes, this mower is a winner. It has a 160 cc engine and a quick-working 21-inch blade. The tires are 7.5 inches wide, which is modest, but their quality is better than the regular tires we find on the market today. The speed of this lawnmower depends on how hard you push the drive bar. The handle is forward-folding and the bag is of good quality. It will cost you about $600 to get the Toro 21382.

5. Ryobi RY401150: Perfect for Large Lawns

Looking to mow a three-quarters size lawn? The Ryobi RY401150 is built to do just that. It is powered by two 6Ah batteries that keep it going for more than an hour. It's easy to course through a big yard with its rear wheels-driven system. The 21-inch double-blade system makes a finer cut and you'll never have to deal with rust because of the polypropylene-made deck. It also comes with height adjustment for comfort while mowing. You need about $599 to own one of these lawnmowers.

6. Toro 21466: Great Quality Build

Its vortex technology is designed to provide better air circulation to improve mulching and bagging. The air causes the grass to stand straighter and the clippings to stay suspended for a longer period for better mulching. Besides the 21-inch blade, this mower variant is rear-wheel-driven. Each wheel measures 11 inches. It's harder for you to get a bumpy ride with it. The rear bracket design makes it easier to store in a garage with limited space. Toro 21466 lawnmowers are available for approximately $499 from different online and physical stores.

7. Hart HLPM011VNMIdeal for Small Yards

If you're all about cost-effective means to mow your small lawn, get the Hart HLPM011VNM with a 20-inch blade. It fits perfectly where budgets and efficient mowing are concerned. With about $300, you can shift from using gas to battery mowers. It comes with one 5Ah battery from the store, but there's space for one more. You'll also find comfort features including a single-lever deck adjustment with a cutting height scale that allows you to adjust the height between 1.5 to 4 inches.

8. Murray MNA152703: Best on a Budget

Powered by a 140 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, the mower has a two-lever height adjustment. The 11-inch-wide rear wheels are always a welcome feature because you can't cross over most American yards without running into a washboard surface. The 52-pound-weight helps a lot because it's manual. You can get the Murray MNA152703 and enjoy all these features for only $229.

9. Toro TimeMaster 21199: Wide Cut for Large Suburban Lawns

We're not denying that the Toro TimeMaster 21199 mower is expensive (about $1,199). But there's so much you can do with a 30-inch blade and a 223cc engine. It provides a very wide cut, climbs hills easily, cuts hard-to-reach spots, and boasts of the highly-regarded personal pace speed control. This mower moves at speeds as fast as 4.5 miles per hour, which is faster than most mowers. It also includes a big grass bag, two-lever height control, and a forward-fold handle.

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