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15 of the Best Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts tend to have an ugly reputation: that of unceremoniously ending up in the bin or a heap of donations. It's a shame, really, considering that gifts are synonymous with special occasions and love and therefore deserve some sentimental value attached to them. It's also a waste of money or a loved one's thoughtful gesture, which should bring warmth to a new home. Our advice: different people have different tastes, so the best thing to do before gifting someone is to try to understand their preferences or think of something that you're sure will bring them immense value in their lives and make it hard to dispose of. With that in mind, here are 15 of the best housewarming gifts you could use for inspiration.

Classy Kitchen Pieces for Housewarming Gifts

Lodge 6-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Price: $70

Think about a really lovely and versatile gourmand to grace a brand new kitchen. For this, a Dutch oven will be essential cookware in the kitchen. From baking to simmering soups to cooking various recipes, a Dutch oven makes for slow cooking and a pleasant smell, something that definitely warms a home.

Our favorite is this versatile piece from Lodge, Retailing at $70. It performs exceptionally well like other expensive models and has solid and large handles that make it easy to use even when full and heavy with hefty stew. It also comes in a variety of colors that add great aesthetics to your kitchen stove.

An Assortment of Healthy Seasoning

Salt-Free Seasonings Collection

Price $37

In nearly every household, the question, “what are we having for dinner” is a common question that deserves an inviting scent and smell for an answer. And you can get these four jar sets of Parisian Shallot Herb Blend, Filipino Adobo Seasoning, Singapore Citrus Curry Blend, and an Oaxacan Ancho Coffee Rub from the Spice House to inspire your dinner-making efforts. Each blend is unsalted, making it an ideal gift choice to the vegan and low sodium diet adherent. Other options for barbeque and specialized combinations of curry are also available at The Spice House.

Cozy Pet Bed

Plush Instant Ramen Pet Bed

Price: $70

Cheeky pet owners who love ramen will appreciate the cute figure of their pet on this instant ramen pet bed. It comes in various sizes and two distinct colors, with the larger size capable of holding two dogs or two cats. Each bed also comes with a Velcro lid top to give your furred companion some privacy.

Classy Staycation Robes for Housewarming Gifts

Natori Shangri-La Robe

Price: $99

If there is an indoor piece of clothing that evokes peace of mind, style, and comfort, then it's the classy staycation robe. These housewarming gifts typically align with long lazy weekends, cool romantic afternoons, and quiet mornings. All these definitely make this garment the perfect housewarming gift for those stepping into a new life of love and promises of happiness. The kimono-style Natori Shangri-La's house robe is a lightweight piece of clothing that requires little effort to rock around, unlike the usual clumsy bulky robes. It's a loose fit that is super easy to shed off, whether for a quick shower or an impromptu zoom meeting.

Vintage Clock

Lemnos Plywood Alarm Clock

Price: $90

Your time is the greatest gift you can ever give to your loved ones. However, a nicely decorated and customized vintage wall clock is another fantastic gift you can offer to warm up a new home. Here is a gift you can give to the time-conscious recipient as a vintage decoration of every second of their busy yet purposeful lives. Lemnos Analog plywood wall clock is one of our best picks for a housewarming gift in 2021. It comes with large numerals and strong silver metal hands.

Reversible House Slippers

Japanese house slippers are a double gift. They can work as socks or house slippers depending on your mood for the day and offer warmth and softness in one piece. What's more, these machine-washable pieces come in various assorted colors and artistic design patterns. Merippa House Shoes can be rolled up to a simple packing, and they come as a two-in-one reversible package. Ideal for the working at home recipient who prefers not to disturb other house occupants in the mornings.

Elegant Friendship Plant

Pilea peperomioides are known by different names, from the Chinese money plant to the lefse plant to the pancake plant, UFO plant, and even missionary plant. This elegant and delightful-looking round-leafed plant is more adorable for its simplicity than its name or history. It's easy to plant and maintain, preferring indirect bright light to brighten your life even better. The Pilea peperomioides is also easy to propagate, meaning you can cut and re-gift it to another, who will likewise cut and gift it, earning it yet another name, the friendship plant. This choice from Léon & George comes in artistically designed boxes that can be customized to suit your taste or the taste of your recipient. The friendship plant retails at $89. The company also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee as protection against shipping or handling mistakes.

Comfortable Bed Sheets 

Riley Percale Sheet Set

Price: $129 for a queen-size bed

We all deserve a good and comfortable rest after a long day toiling to earn a living. However, not many people believe in the benefits of a good night's rest, leave alone a comfortable bed sheet set. If you've noticed the same in your potential giftee, how about helping them change their beliefs by giving them crisp, boutique-style bed sheets? Riley's lightweight percale cotton set offers comfort, style, and class in one set. What's more, the more you wash these cool bed sheets, the more comfortable they get against your bare skin. Here are the perfect hosuewarming gifts that are bound to warm up the entire home and life.

Surprise Hot Sauces for Housewarming Gifts

Fuego Box All-Star Crate – Hot Sauce Gift Set

Price: $50

If you love hot sauces or have someone in your circles who would love a box of assorted varieties of hot sauces, then don't waste time. Grab

Fuego Box's gift set comes with an assortment of different hot sauces. These you can spruce up by mixing and matching to create a perfect blend of Black Garlic Hot Sauce or a bung-burning Riza Ghost Pepper Verde. A set of five bottles should be enough to last you a few months of spiced-up, yummy dinners.

Bathtub Tray With Wine Holder

Available on Etsy.com @The Crafty Hammer

Price: $46.00

Nothing beats a quiet weekend afternoon relaxing in the bathtub with soothing music in the background to wash away all that stress and tension of the week. It is the perfect time to soak away life's stresses with a warm bath and fine wine. A simple yet stylish wooden tray by the bathtub keeps all that is needed to complete this magical moment, whether it is a good book from their favorite author or a good bottle of wine.

Potted Money Tree

Available on the @thesill.com

Price: $54.00

Imagine a plant that is associated with money. A plant that is believed to bring wealth and good fortune to whichever home it finds itself. Evergreen, stunning, and resilient, here is a plant you want to keep close by at all times. And if you're the generous type that likes to extend the same to your friends or loved ones, consider it the ideal housewarming gift. You can pick up a planter of variable colors that matches your giftee's home decor.

Engraved/Customized Cutting Board

Available on etsy.com @flowertown weddings

Price: $24.95

If your giftee is female who spends a considerable time sprucing up great meals in the kitchen, make them feel special by gifting them a customized chopping board with their names engraved on it. This gift is ideal for newlyweds or a couple who just bought their new home. Customize it to your preference by including the year they first fell in love or bought their new home. Then, be creative while at it.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs in mason jars make for great housewarming gifts.
Herbs in flower pots for an indoor herb garden.

Available on uncommongoods.com

Price: $20.00

Whether your giftee moved to a large family home or a cozy, simple space, they can still practice their gardening passion with these exclusive gifts. The self-watering mason jars are designed to fit into any space, including most windowsills. All they have to do is plant some unique seeds of their choice, such as mint, basil, or oregano. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden will do the rest, feeding your seeds with water as you wait for the seeds to germinate and turn into a beautiful display of lush green.

Kitchen Dish Towels Sets for Housewarming Gifts

Available at HARRINGDONS on amazon.com

Price: $32.55

Dish towels are a necessity in every kitchen, making the perfect housewarming gift for the homely and hospitable giftee. The product is available on Amazon with thousands of reviews from consumers who can't hide their satisfaction with dry dishes and clean, spotless kitchen counters.

Floral Bouquet Diffuser

Available on anthropologie.com

Price: $14.95

There's nothing as comforting as indoor scents emitting from an equally wonderful scent diffuser. Let the smell linger on even after the candles are out. This diffuser-cum-floral display holder is simple yet stylish and sure to boost a home's aesthetics.

Find Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Imagine spending a considerable amount of money on a particular gift only for it to be donated. That will not only be unfortunate, but sad as well. To avoid spending too much money on a gift, we encourage adding some creativity, taste, and style when making a selection. It starts with understanding what your giftee prefers or is likely to prefer then adding taste and style to it. We hope these 15 of the best ideas will give you the inspiration you need to make a sentimental decision. Check us out to find perfect housewarming gifts.

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