The Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

There's something about traveling that shouts adventure and excitement. Perhaps that's why shopping for your favorite traveler can often seem so difficult. With hundreds of gift options on the market, new products are constantly being released. Thus, uncertainty on whether an item is worth the money for perfect gifts for frequent travelers causes stress.

As airlines continue moving towards operating full swing again, your favorite travel guru can go on yet another picture-perfect adventure. Here are the top gift ideas that'll have them traveling in style, comfort, and convenience. We've also included a few at-home products that are perfect for remembering and planning all of those great travel adventures so that no traveler is left behind.

Outdoor Products: Waterproof Box

Ever been out on a river, lake, or any body of water and been terrified to bring your phone or camera with you? No worries! This waterproof box is a hidden gem amongst travel gift must-haves. The box seals directly at the lid so you never have to worry about important items getting wet. It also floats, making it incredibly easy to keep up with should you happen to be in a kayak or on a SUP board and accidentally flip.

Personally, we love that the box is made to be compact, which means that when you begin packing your suitcase you can throw items like toiletries or extra cash in it and pack it full to optimize the space in your luggage. This is perfect for any kind of travel that includes water or tropical exploration.

Scratch off World Map

Want to help your favorite nomad keep track of how many bucket list-worthy places they've been? This scratch-off travel map allows your expedition lover to do just that. Choose between maps that focus on all 50 states, various countries, or landmarks to keep the excitement going. Then, count down the days until there's a new city to scratch off. It's kind of the perfect gift to have at home and it's definitely a good conversation starter when visitors come over.

Nomatic Travel Bag for Frequent Travelers

This brand is on the rise to becoming one of the most popularly used in the travel industry. While buying a gift from Nomatic can be a little on the pricier end, it's 100% worth the cost. Nomatic has streamlined travel efficiency by crafting some of the most beautiful bags and suitcases. You can select items based on size and necessity to find the perfect fit, but each bag has been designed with travel in mind.

Their 40L Travel bag is perfect to utilize as a checked bag or carry-on so that you get the best of both worlds. It's great for traveling between 3-7 days. Further, it sports a few secret pockets (check the waist straps) to make sure you can carry items like a passport, credit cards, or cash without worrying about somebody pickpocketing you. The waist straps on the bag help correct your posture and give you and only you easy access.

This travel bag is made to be efficient and comfortable. Thus, allowing you to wear it like a backpack, hang it over the handle of your suitcase, or carry it like a duffel bag. Side pockets allow you to grab your phone charger, headphones, or snacks. Additionally, there's a waterproof compartment on each end of the bag to separate your shoes and drinks from your clothing. To top things off, if your favorite frequent traveler needs to bring a laptop, they can easily unzip the bag and slide it out whenever needed. Plus, when worn the laptop compartment is always flat against your back to protect your valuables.

Phone Charging Passport Holder

Want to get an all-in-one gift that's perfect for the average day as well as traveling? Get the explorer in your life a phone charging passport holder. Designed with RFID blockers, you can easily store your credit cards, passport, cash, and phone in one convenient place. This wallet is perfect for being on the go and comes with a charging bank so that you never run out of battery whether you're stuck in a car, airport, or out exploring the city. It's small enough to carry in your hand or tuck away in a bag for quick access, and it comes in a surplus of colors to match any style.

Travel Journals for Frequent Travelers

A travel journal for frequent travelers.
Travel journal, compass, a glass of water, note pad, pen, a toy airplane, and map on a wooden table.

You don't have to be a famous writer to love documenting all of your travel tales. Most frequent travelers love to jot down the names of restaurants, bars, sights, or stores to remember their trips. Whether it be writing down travel goals or detailing money management, these travel journals are perfect for every journey.

Get Lost's Adventure Log is perfect for making quick notes about a place and writing about what you did. The formatted pages make it easy to document your favorite local brews and sweet eats and ensure you can keep up with the highlights of a trip. The small notebooks come in a pack of 3 and are a little bigger than the size of your hand, making them perfect to keep in your pocket or bag.

Soothie's Containers of Creativity carries an Atwood quote leather journal filled with pages made of cotton that are completely clear and perfect for writing, doodling, or even attaching a polaroid picture to remember the fun by.

Moleskin's selection of Passion Travel Journals combines average travel with National Geographic travel, allowing any nomad to completely document their explorations in a variety of formats. Each journal-style comes with themed graphics and tabbed sections to organize notes.

Universal Yums and Tokyo Treat

Bring the best treats from all over the world straight home without having to purchase plane tickets or take off of work with Universal Yums. The company selects a country each month and collects local favorites to send a carefully crafted box of delicacies right to your doorstep. You can choose from a variety of box sizes to send your travel lover goodies that range anywhere from 5-7 snacks to 18-20 snacks, making it perfect for any budget.

In comparison, Tokyo Treat is a similar company that focuses on all of the highlights of Japan. Each month they'll curate a box inclusive of goodies straight from Japan. The foodie-loving country has unique variations of popular snacks such as Kit-Kats, Pocky, and chips. Sometimes boxes include seasonal soft drinks such as Sakura-infused Coke or Pepsi. Other times they might include milk teas or jelly drinks. It's always a surprise.

The amazing thing about both Universal Yums and Tokyo Treat is that you can choose to send a one-time box or pick from monthly subscriptions.

Color Map Mug

Perfect for both lovers of travel and good coffee, these unique mugs are sentimental. You can select mugs with a world map or a map of the USA to remind those frequent travelers of all of the amazing adventures they've had. It's kind of a small token that says, “I'm thinking about you” whenever they have a drink. Make sure you select the marker expansion pack so they can color in all those memorable locations.

City Walks Card Deck

Want to give your favorite adventure buddy a travel inspiring gift? Check out all the City Walk options. These decks of cards are filled with useful information and things to do throughout popular cities. Each deck consists of 50 cards detailed with maps and locations you can walk to.

City Walk's cards are great for helping plan an itinerary and providing you with more than tourist hotspots. They can also be a great option to choose activities on a free day. Don't have plans that are set in stone or need something to do for a few hours? Shuffle the deck and draw a card to see where your next adventure will take you.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the best. This is completely true when it comes to purchasing a utensil tote. No matter where you travel, having quick access to a fork, spoon, knife, and reusable straw can be incredibly beneficial. These little packs are perfect for being on the road. They make sure that you have the ability to eat more than a quick snack while traveling. They've become a staple on a traveler's must-pack list simply for accessibility and convenience. These cutlery sets are reusable, take up minimal space, and work much better than a plastic set of silverware. Plus, they're eco-friendly.

Find Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Still not sure what to get the frequent travelers in your life? Make sure to check out our other product guides for some of the best gifts and deals on the market.

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