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13 Best Gifts for People That Work From Home

Working from home comes with many benefits – money savings (gas, professional wardrobe, car maintenance, etc.), saving on commute time, flexibility, and more. However, it's not always all-rosy for remote workers, as the downsides are equally plenty. For instance, achieving productivity and efficiency while working from home can be such an uphill task. As a result, most remote workers often struggle to achieve a healthy work-life balance while maximizing productivity. In other words, as much as working from home is a pretty liberating experience; it can be a hassle. If you have a loved one who works from home, then chances are they have a fair of challenges to surmount to excel in their careers without compromising their work-life balance and health.

If you're looking for exceptional gift ideas that will have a meaningful impact on their lives, then you are in the right place. We have lined up a list of thirteen items that can help improve their work-from-home experience. Kindly read on and make your pick.

1. Lap Desk

A lap desk provides the freedom of working from anywhere – on the couch, bed, by the seashore, etc. – without minding its effect on your health. This is because after working for a while, the laptop heats up, transferring the heat to the lap. Health experts often caution people against placing the laptop on their laps for extended periods, as it subjects the user to a myriad of health conditions, such as toasted skin syndrome (erythema ab igne). Besides, maintaining a good posture is impossible at that position, which increases the risk of neck, back, and shoulder pain.

If your loved one often works away from their home office desk, help them stay healthy by gifting them this Lapgear Home Office Lap Desk. The desk is spacious enough to hold an average laptop and mouse, plus it features a phone holder so they can conveniently keep up with notifications without reaching for the phone. Also, they won't have to worry about the laptop overheating due to poor ventilation as the desk has a smooth, flat surface for improved airflow.

2. Motivational Water Bottle

Between juggling work tasks, getting the chores done, and minimizing distractions, one can easily forget to keep hydrated. However, drinking enough water is essential as it helps flush out toxins, keep the gut healthy, prevent mind fogging and mood changes, among other benefits.

This NOOFORMER Motivational Water Bottle is a mindful gift that can help your loved ones keep track of their water consumption and stay hydrated all day long. It has a unit scale and time marker, so all they need to do is fill up the bottle and sip away the drink at the appropriate times.

3. Crumb Cleaner

It's hard not to snack while working on the laptop, no matter how disciplined you are. Besides, the laptop usually gathers dust over time, making cleaning an inevitable task.

Gift your loved ones with this OXO Laptop Cleaner and help them keep work their gadget clean. With a microfiber pad for removing unsightly fingerprints and smudges and a soft brush for sweeping dust and dirt from the keys, this cleaner makes for a convenient cleaning job.

4. Smart Coffee Warmer

This is another mindful gift that can enhance your loved one's work-from-home experience. Certainly, they love to enjoy a cup of warm drink (not necessarily coffee) while getting some work done. Get them this BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer, and add some convenience to their workdays.

5. Ergonomic Foot Rest

Sitting for long periods, day in, day out is part and parcel of a sedentary job. However, this routine can take a toll on the body, leading to strains and fatigue. Think your loved one is straining for sitting too long? Gift them with this under-desk ergonomic footrest from Wayfair and help improve their working experience by reducing muscle strain and fatigue. It has a large foot support area with a durable non-skid surface that can be adjusted to the preferred angle.

6. Healthy Snack Subscription

We all need snacks to maintain good energy levels throughout the day. Sadly, when working from home, the temptation to grab whatever is available is ever-so-alluring. Gift your work-from-home relative or friend with an Elevate healthy snack subscription and help them snack the healthy way, all month long.

7. White Noise Machine

Distractions are one of the major downsides of working from home. But your loved one doesn't have to resign to this fate. A white noise machine can help them block out distracting noises and focus on their work.

If they don't mind being enveloped in a calming sound that extinguishes all other external noises, get this Magicteam white noise machine and help them reach new productivity levels with improved concentration.

8. Anti-Fatigue Office Mat

Standing on anti-fatigue mats reduces stress on the feet and legs. Studies have proven this, with specific research by University professors having concluded that standing for prolonged periods caused discomfort to feet, legs, and back, as well as stiffness to the neck and shoulders.

If your loved one's job involves standing for long hours or they alternate between sitting and standing while working (which is recommended), you can help them beat the discomfort with this ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat. Besides, the mat is multi-purpose, so they can take it whenever they require to stand for lengthy durations like in the kitchen.

9. Electric Massage Pillow

Working for long hours often subjects the neck, back, and shoulder muscles to strain, leading to soreness. Probably, your loved one is too busy to avoid a trip to the masseurs once in a while, or could be the cost of a frequent massage is way above their budget. In that case, this affordable piece of massage pillow from VIKTOR JURGEN can help do the trick. Order the gift for them and help them enjoy their evenings better with relaxing neck, shoulder, and back massages from the comfort of their home.

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

Using noise canceling head[hones while she works from home.
A woman joining a video conference at home.
This is another noise-canceling tool that can help your loved one focus more by minimizing distractions. With a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Noise Cancelling Headphones, they can cut out unwanted noise by up to 90%. The headphones detect and cancel external noises such as airplane and car engines while allowing one to enjoy up to 40-hour music playtime without recharge. If they don't have a pair yet, then this is a gift they will indeed appreciate.

11. Cup Holder

Perhaps, spill accidents top the list of the most dreaded laptop mishaps. But no matter how careful you are, like any other accidents, they still happen. Luckily, cup holders are such a saver that helps lay all the worries to rest.

If your loved one hasn't invested in one yet, get them this SunnyZoo Cup Holder, and help them enjoy their drinks without the risk of creating a costly mess on their office desk. Whether they need to secure their coffee cup in place or water bottle, this holder will come in handy.

12. Convertible Desk

As earlier highlighted, sitting for long hours can be detrimental to one's health. It's always advisable to alternate between sitting and standing to minimize soreness on the back muscles and the resulting pain.

Perhaps, that's why standing desks are all the rage now. However, you don't have to keep shifting your laptop from your ordinary desk to the standing desk whenever you need a change. With a convertible desk, you can conveniently adjust it to your preferred height whenever you want to work standing.

Think your loved one's office desk deserves an upgrade? Get them this ComHoma Standing Desk Converter and help them lead a better sedentary lifestyle.

13. Under Desk Elliptical

Working from home comes with unmatched flexibility. But as one struggles to balance between work and life, their workout regime can suffer. Nonetheless, this doesn't have to be the case for your loved one. Thanks to the ever-growing list of innovations in the fitness industry, there are convenient solutions available for them.

For instance, nothing screams ‘I care about your health' than gifting them with a workout set, more so one they can conveniently use right under their desk. Get them this portable Stamina Inmotion Elliptical, and help them keep fit without having to schedule for it. The garget is quiet and unintrusive, so they will definitely enjoy every moment of its use.

Find More Gift Ideas for Those Who Work From Home

There you go! Thirteen awesome gifts for your work-from-home loved ones. Grab them any of the gifts and create a positive impact on their at-home careers. The best thing about this list is that it contains gifts within different price ranges, so you can make them feel special despite your budget. Whether you decide to get them a crumb cleaner, lap desk, cup holder, or convertible desk, you can rest assured they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Remember, this list is meant to inspire you, so be sure to explore other similar offerings under the discussed categories. Finally, if you have loved this article, you might also enjoy our other resources here.  Meanwhile, happy shopping!

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