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Five Amazing Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard Space

There's nothing more relaxing and sophisticated than having a fire pit in your backyard. It's the perfect place to gather for an evening of summer stargazing or to enjoy an afternoon of hot chocolate and mulled apple cider in the darkest of winter. No matter what you use it for, it is a gathering place that can add joy and warmth — in more ways than one — to any home. However, although fire pits may vary in terms of what fuel they use (i.e., propane, wood, natural gas, or gel fuel), they can also vary widely in their design and appearance. It can be difficult to know how to pick the perfect one.

Whether you're looking for a brand-new one or simply looking for inspiration in building your own, when it comes to settling on the perfect fire pit, the only limit is your imagination. From urban sophistication to country-inspired rustic flair, today's fire pits offer something for every aesthetic. Read on to see the top five ideas for fire pits that can help elevate your outdoor space and add a sense of coziness to your home.

Concrete Sophistication

If sleek and sophisticated describe your style, a concrete fire pit may be perfect for you. In contrast to larger fire pits that feature wooden logs, most concrete fire pits are often gas or propane-powered and can be started with the push of a button, adding easy-to-control flames and gently radiating warmth to every outdoor gathering.

West Elm's Concrete Low Square Fire Table is one example of an elegant concrete fire pit that uses lava rocks, an industrial weather-resistant sealant, and a sleek propane-powered design. It brings a timelessly chic look that can complement any type of patio furniture. If you're looking for an option to help your backyard look just as good as any room in your house, consider opting for concrete.

Campfire Vibes

Nothing brings the great outdoors to mind like a wood fire blazing away in the backyard. Although gas- and propane-fueled fires may burn cleaner than wood-fueled ones, there's nothing quite like hearing the snap and crackle of a ferocious fire and warming your hands by its flames. Wood fires can be made in practically any type of fire pit. That said, metal and stone ones are generally the most common.

There's nothing quite like hearing the snap and crackle of a ferocious fire!

Those looking for a sturdy, dependable option for wood-burning fires should look for something like the Sadler 30 in. x 19 in. Round Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit in Rubbed Bronze, which utilizes a wide and shallow pit space for a roaring fire and features a mesh screen to protect against sparks. These fire pits offer lovers of the great outdoors a versatile re-creation of their favorite campfires. But, owners should be aware that wood-fueled fires will leave behind ashes that need to be routinely cleaned out. But if that's not a problem, break out your s'mores kit and get ready to enjoy a fiery blaze!

Rustic Stone

Whether your backyard features plenty of natural stone or you just love an earthy, grounded look, stone is a strong choice for a backyard fire pit. Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures, stone fire pits are also versatile in terms of the types of fuel for which they are equipped — namely, they can be used as wood or gas-burning fire pits, depending on the model.

The Erandekar Stone Propane Fire Pit is one example of a propane-powered stone fire pit that balances the sophistication of natural stone with the convenience of push-button propane fuel. This option also features an adjustable flame height, making it possible to enjoy both low, subtle flames as well as higher, more dramatic flames. It's a great example of everything stone fire pits have to offer: a classically beautiful look, strong and durable construction, and all the simplicity and convenience of your preferred fuel of choice.

High-Tech Stainless Steel

If you love the drama of a roaring fire stoked by wood logs but would rather do without the uncomfortable smoke and lingering campfire smell, a high-tech new stainless steel fire pit might be the perfect choice for you. These fire pits feature double-wall construction that allows them to pull in air from the bottom of the pit while also pulling in pre-heated air from the top, creating a vibrant and roaring flame with less smoke than a traditional campfire.

Stainless steel fire pits like the Yukon 27 in. Round Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Plus Stand can be used on a variety of surfaces (including heat-sensitive ones) and can easily produce long-burning, clean fires with a modern flair. They're ideal for anyone who loves the sleek aesthetic of stainless steel as well as their durability. They're as perfect for hauling away for a last-minute camping trip as they are for gathering around after a backyard dinner party.

Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit can be big and bulky, and some backyards just don't have the space for a full fire pit setup. That's where fire pit tables come in. Boasting space to sit down and eat while safely enjoying the flames dancing in the middle of the table, fire pit tables are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a bold dining choice or is simply low on space.

This 44 in. Round Aluminum Outdoor Propane Fire Table is one example of a classic, wicker-inspired table that features plenty of room for food and drink while also keeping diners safe with a fire-proof glass rim. Additionally, it's powered by propane, making it simple to operate and clean-burning enough to enjoy a nearby meal. If you value bringing warmth to your dining table over enjoying a backyard inferno, a fire pit table might just be a no-brainer.

Key Takeaway

Whether you prefer the simple sophistication of a propane-powered concrete fire pit or the rustic charm of a wood-burning metal pit, there's a fire pit for every homeowner and every backyard. If you're looking for more great fire pits, check out our selection here, and don't forget to visit ProductIQ for more great deals and discounts!

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