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Outdoor Project Ideas To Try This Spring

Spruce up your patio with design inspiration from Frontgate

The lovely spring weather presents a perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get ready to enjoy some outdoor activities for several weeks. There aren't many better ways to enjoy the conducive weather than to plan for DIY outdoor project ideas. From simple to somewhat complex projects, the favorable conditions will spur you to accomplish multiple tasks and with the proper preparation, you can transform your outdoor space.

Here are some outdoor project ideas that are worth trying this spring season:

Build a Pergola

A pergola creates an inviting dining area in your backyard. With the help of family members, you can easily accomplish this project. You only need basic carpentry skills and inexpensive tools and materials such as cordless drill or driver, reciprocating saw, and 48-inch level.

Start the process by measuring and cutting cross beams, rafters, lattices, and posts. Secure the cross beam to two posts, then drive a 4-inch decking screw into each post via the beam. Raise the subassembly, then slide the posts in holes of about 18-inch.  Drive a stake into the ground and make sure it's about four feet away from the posts. Fasten the braces to the stakes to ensure that the subassembly is in place and plumb each post using the 4-foot level.

Next, place a 2×8 rafter on the cross beams, loosen the screw from the crossbeam, then lower or raise till the rafter is level. Using four decking screws, secure the cross beam to the post, slide the rafter over it, repeat the procedure to the other post, and add the remaining crossbeams. Proceed to cut the posts with a reciprocating saw and make the cross beams your guide. Use about eight screws at an angle to attach each rafter and reach the top center of the cross beams. Secure the 2×4 slats to the rafters using about 3-inch decking screws.

To build the frame:

  1. Cut the horizontal frame pieces to fit the distance between the posts.
  2. Cut the vertical frames and fasten the lattice to each other using decking screws.
  3. Build the bench and flower box, attach them to the post using decking screws. Once the construction is complete, you can start relaxing in the backyard.

Outdoor Water Feature

If you love watching a water fountain, you can as well build one in your backyard in about two days. You will need tools such as a drill bit set, caulk gun, spade, garden rake, utility knife, tape measure, wheelbarrow, and a dust mask.

You need materials such as a pump, garden hose, boulders, waterproof liner, pea gravel, corrugated pond tubing, spray paint, and 1-in elbow. Others are silicone caulk, a small roll of outdoor carpet, and 1-to 2-in smooth round stones, with the large one being about 1000 pounds. Start by looking for a good fountain stone and look for one with natural chutes or a basin. You can try this by pouring some gallons of water over the rocks to see how the water flows. You can also buy one and drill it yourself. Depending on the stone you choose, you can use a rotary hammer drill and masonry bits to drill it in a few minutes.

Next, mark the fountain area by roughly assembling the stones and use a rope to shape the perimeter, then mark it with spray paint. Start digging out the fountain, starting with the reservoir about 6-inch deeper than the pail height. To locate the deep end, you can assemble the large stones and five-gallon pails.  You can now insert the carpet and make sure the old carpeting is at the bottom. Lay the inner pad by folding it to ensure it's in line with the hole's contours. Unfold the liner, center it over the hole, and pleat it if necessary to make sure it fits all the hole sides.

Drill holes near the bottom and around the middle and top of every pail and snap on the lids. To protect the liner, lay old carpeting beneath the padding. Also, cut off the pail rims and cut about an inch flap at the top for the electric cables and water line. Next, backfill the gravel in the reservoir up to two-inch below grade. Attach the water line to the pump and route to the stone fountain. Spread the pea gravel till its level with the edges. Connect the fountain fittings into the fountain hole's underside and use silicone sealant on the plastic elbow.

Use pond foam to lock the stones in place and trim the overhanging pad and liner. Finally, buy a water pump, about 200-300gph depending on the type of flow you want.

Create a Bird Bath

This spring, you can consider creating a bird sanctuary in your yard that can attract several bird species. You will need to get some bird feeders, oats, sunflower seeds, and sugar water. You will need to test with various foods to see which one attracts the most birds. Find some galvanized steel basins or painted terracotta pots. You can place them on top of each other using reinforcing steel to make sure they don't fall over then drill holes at the bottom. Fill them with clean water, and remember you will need to clean them to avoid building up regularly. You can also opt for an outdoor water heater to make sure there is a constant freshwater flow.

Consider creating a bird sanctuary in your yard that can attract several bird species.

If you have fewer pots, you can also try out hanging birdhouses on poles or nail them on the fence. A birdbath can be one of the simplest outdoor project ideas since there is no restriction on the size, design, or shape.

Key Takeaway on Outdoor Project Ideas

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a growing family, the above DIY outdoor project ideas are a few of what you can achieve this spring. Therefore, make the most out of this warm season to make your loved ones proud of something they can watch in the backyard. If you need more items for your projects, you can get them at wayfair.com.

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