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Brookstone Elitetouch True Wireless Earbuds for Your Active Life

Nothing beats the feeling of using wireless earbuds to listen to music or other audio content. Whether running, exercising, relaxing, or indulging in other activities, wireless earbuds are an ideal option. There are no wires or cables to disturb your movement.

Brookstone Elitetouch True Wireless Earbuds are among the latest tech-advanced earpieces in the market. These let users enjoy audio content from devices like computers, smartphones, as well as TV. You can also receive and end calls using these earbuds. This product also has several specifications for its functionality.

Specifications and Features 

Brookstone Elitetouch Wireless Earbuds have some appealing specifications that include;

  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology. This gives users a seamless experience while talking or listening to their favorite audio content directly from connected devices.
  • Chargeable built-in battery. You can charge it using a USB cable that comes along with the package. An hour of charging duration provides power that can last 3-4 hours when in use and 120 hrs on standby. A red LED light suggests charging is taking place, while a blue one signifies full charge.
  • Touch sensor. End-users can seamlessly control audio volume, play, pause, and skip songs through touch detection. The touch-sensitive surface also allows users to answer and end phone calls.
  • LCD. This enables users to keep an eye on the battery charge progress.
  • Hi-definition sound. It accommodates all notes by producing quality and powerful, crystal clear sounds.
  • Noise isolation. The earbuds are attached by silicon tips, which help to reduce prevailing noise while facilitating undisrupted listening and clear conversations.
  • Compact design – the earbuds are big enough for all playlist sizes and small-sized to carry around without causing any physical disturbance.

Where to Buy Your Brookstone Elitetouch True Wireless Earbuds

You can buy your very own wireless earbuds at Macy's.

Receive access to Brookstone Elitetouch True Wireless Earbuds and other similar products for a smooth listening experience. Visit our website today for more information.

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