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Ryobi 40V 188-Watt Portable Battery Power Station

Ryobi launched the 40V 188-watt portable battery power station to add to its powerful and sophisticated battery power stations. Its powerful 1,800 watts of running power allow it to double up as a supercharger for the Ryobi 40V batteries. Its pure sine wave current is powerful enough to power everything from refrigerators to TVs and sensitive electronics.

Features of the Ryobi 40V Portable Power Station

The modular design is one of the most incredible elements of the Ryobi 40V power station. While the battery-powered inverter market isn't short of options, this inverter can use Ryobi 40V batteries of any size. You may also want to use all four available ports for optimal performance.

Other outstanding features are:

  • Bluetooth monitoring through the GENCONTROL app
  • Pure sine wave technology for the safety of sensitive electronics
  • Compatible with over 75 40V tools
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • External LED lights
  • LCD screen displays battery level and load level
  • Three outlet types: 4 USB-A outlets, 120-volt household outlets, as well as 2 USB-C outlets
  • Includes 2 or 4 Ryobi 40V 6.0 Ah batteries, cover, and charging adaptor
  • 5-year limited warranty

Perfect for These Applications

It provides powering solutions for a job site, tailgating, home, recreational use, as well as emergency backup applications. When you plug into AC power using the charging adaptor in the package, it operates as a battery charger to recharge your batteries. That means that when plugged in, the inverter only functions as a charger and cuts power to anything else plugged into the USB ports or outlets.

It also operates as a portable solution to provide quiet and clean power. Its 3000 starting and 1,800 running watts are enough to run appliances, small electronics, lights, as well as fans.

Retailers That Sell Ryobi 40V 188-Watt Portable Battery Power Station

You can buy the Ryobi 40V 188-Watt Portable Battery Power Station from Ryobi Tools or Home Depot. Visit our website for more information on the products that you need.

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