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12 Steps to Giving Every Room in Your Home Your Signature Touch

Sometimes, decorating can feel overwhelming, just like any creative task really. What if you don't do it the “right” way? God forbid your inordinately selective mother doesn't approve of your interior design choices! Anyway, it's important to take great care in decorating each room in a way that nourishes you, whether you're updating the look of your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any other space in your home for that matter. It's also important to keep this in mind to create a signature touch. It's not about how big an area is. Instead, it's about how to utilize the space.

A Brief Note About Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a wonderful form of Japanese interior design. The way you decorate your space actually attracts certain people and things into your life. For instance, having a plant in the prosperity corner of a room may actually lead to great wealth in your lifetime!

The Bagua Map

Basically, each corner of the room exudes certain energy, so you can attract anything from romance to money to greater health by placing particular items—often of a specific hue—in specific areas.

Feng Shui could inspire you to incorporate certain elements into each room as you are redecorating. Here are some elements of the philosophy you may want to think about to crate a signature touch:

  • The kitchen is considered the center of health. Associate it with yellows and oranges.
  • The bathroom is your sanctuary. Hues that resemble some type of skin color are recommended
  • Fame is associated with red. Thus, you might want to add accents to your workspace for more recognition and appreciation!
  • Pink attracts romance and love. Red attracts passion. White attracts purity. Choose your drug of choice.
  • Your career is associated with your life purpose and the color black
  • Spirituality and knowledge are associated with blue
  • Creativity and children are associated with white
  • The bedroom is supposed to be solely utilized for sleep and sex. Some type of skin color is recommended for the walls.
  • If you want to travel and attract helpful people, your best bet is to opt for silver or gray
  • The living room is thought to be the place for family and friends, so it's associated with the colors green and brown
  • Health is in the center of everything, but it's best to leave it undecorated. Apparently, this is important because it improves the chi (or energy) of the place. It's associated with the color yellow, which many believe is a great option for the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom!


While you shouldn't let these thoughts stifle you in any way, but it might be fun to incorporate certain color schemes into each room depending on what you want. If you love accessories, you'll likely enjoy the following list:

  • Animals—mythological or real—are thought to attract fame. One might put a rooster or a tiger on their desk if they want to grow a following on YouTube, for instance.
  • It's a good idea to put plants in the love and money areas of your home.
  • Placing your computer in the career area of your space could work wonders!
  • If you want to become more knowledgeable about a particular topic, placing a few books placed intentionally on your desk might just do the trick.
  • Jewels, piggies banks, or boxes of money tend to attract wealth when placed in specific areas. Quartz is thought to be especially effective. A container that is purple, brown, or golden has the best energy.

People who follow Feng Shui believe that certain items result in great fortune, love, or good luck.

A Note on Artwork Selection

You may absolutely love gory art, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, it's important to think about what you want to be staring at all day and how doing so might affect your mood negatively or positively. Art is incredibly powerful, after all, in creating a signature touch.

In Feng Shui, people actually choose to only display images of things and people they want more of in their lives. For instance, if a woman is dreaming about having five African musicians in her life, for example, she may hang up wall art of these beautiful men in her bathroom or bedroom. The thought is that, eventually, she'll manifest these people into her life.

This can apply to any situation or any relationship that the person residing in the space desires. While you can choose to display absolutely whatever you want to, you may want to keep this in mind.

1. Set the Mood

The first thing to consider is the ambiance you're seeking. Do you want a loud, 60s-themed living room that's super retro, or are you going for a more laid-back, Zen, Japanese-esque aesthetic? The world is your oyster, but, like anything in life really, it's essential to understand what your goals are and visualize them before making them a reality.

Thankfully, digital tools that can help you execute this process abound, so you can play around with a few ideas before you commit to anything.

2. Seek Inspiration

It's important to approach decorating with an inspired mindset. You might want to take inspiration from your favorite bloggers, photographers, and interior designers. Any medium can inspire you!

Lenny Kravitz has some phenomenal interior designs you may just want to take a look at. The man is a creative genius.

3. Get Real About Your Signature Touch

It's important to be simultaneously optimistic and realistic. You'll want to make sure that your vision fits your budget and consider the size of your space before making such a huge investment in decorating your space.

4. Declutter

No matter how phenomenal the art on your walls is, a cluttered kitchen table or a messy kitchen tends to ruin the aesthetic you've worked so hard to create. It truly is essential to get rid of any clutter that may be lurking. Store it if you must, or, better yet, sell it or donate it!

What goes around comes around. Thus, you add good to the world while not being bogged down by a mountain of things in the process!

5. Map Your Room and Signature Touch Out

You may want to use digital tools to map out your space or you could sketch out your creative visions. It's totally up to you!

6. Decide on a Color Palette That Suits Your Signature Touch

Do you enjoy hot pink and white, or is gray and blue more your style? There are plenty of home and garden magazines out there that you can take inspiration from, not to mention plenty of interior designers who've penned phenomenal books on the subject.

7. Start With the Finishes

It's best to avoid a remodel if you can help it. Before you go for something so drastic, you might want to prioritize the things that only require a slight amount of improvement:

  • The walls might need a new coat of paint
  • If you have wooden floors, refinish them
  • Try incorporating tiles or wallpaper if desired
  • Install new cabinetry

Before you go to the trouble of brining in different furniture or renovating the place, you'll probably want to try out these changes and see if they actually help you create the look you're envisioning.

8. Choose Anchor Pieces

Adding a few pieces to your space can honestly make a world of difference in creating a signature touch.

9. Select Secondary Furniture

Sometimes, you don't need that brand-new chair you've been eyeing or that fancy leather couch, because these furniture items might simply exceed your budget. Fortunately, you can snag quite a few incredible secondhand pieces from thrift stores and, honestly, you might want to no matter how much money you're working with, because you can often discover priceless antiques in these quaint shops!

10. Choose Rugs, Curtains, and Textiles

Two women adding their signature touch to a room with a new rug.
Shot of two women unrolling carpet in a new house.

Rugs can help your space look homier, as can curtains and textiles. You'll want to make sure that each element fits nicely with the theme of the room, of course.

11. Light It Up

The type of lighting you select to decorate your space is extremely important. Is a chandelier your first choice, or would you prefer a simple ceiling fan? For those who want to conserve our environment, LED light bulbs could be the answer.

Furthermore, you'll want to consider candles. They add a certain old-timey, romantic ambiance to a room, and a flickering flame might be just what you need to get the sparks flying with you and your lover or enjoy a long, luxurious bath as you look at that small fire dancing in the dark.

12. Accessorize for a More Signature Touch

Accessories are so much fun to incorporate in our outfits, and spaces are not too different. You'll want to consider which art would complement the mood you're going for. Are you more set on Paris in the pouring rain or New York City in the spring?

Give Every Room in Your Home a Signature Touch

These steps can apply to absolutely any room. Some people—usually eccentric artists from what we hear— enjoy painting each room in their home a different color and decorating it accordingly. Honestly, it's important to take your time with each step and put your own flare on your interior design, especially if you have the place all to yourself. Why not have fun with it? Happy decorating!

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