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20 Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa

After a long day of work, we all dream of soaking into a hot tub to relax and soothe away our stress. But great as this sounds, it can be hard to achieve that if your bathroom is not-so-stylish and messy. Wondering how to achieve this feat even in an uninspired or small bathroom? The trick here is knowing what exactly to add or remove in order to attain that coveted spa-like atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are hoping to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa or you just want to make a couple of tweaks to make it more comfortable, these ideas can transform your bathroom and make it feel more like a spa.

1. Declutter Your Bathroom

Jam-packed bathroom cabinets and cluttered countertops aren't ideal for relaxation. The first step to achieving a spa-like bathroom is to get rid of any expired items or those that have gone unused for some time. As you replenish your stock, place those items that you don't use regularly inside drawers, cabinets, or baskets. Prioritize counter space and any other open storage for the few items you use daily, and neatly tuck everything else away.

2. Incorporate Some Greenery

Incorporating plants is one of the best and easiest ways of giving your bathroom a spa-like feeling. Strategically place potted house plants on the countertop, floor, and other bathroom surfaces. Alternatively, you can try hanging potted plants from the ceiling. Ensure that you choose plants that can thrive in the humid bathroom environment and the lighting type that this space receives. Suppose plants aren't suitable for your bathroom space or skill set, setting a vase filled with fresh flowers on a countertop or shelf, or decorating with faux plants can do.

3. Use Refreshing Colors to Create a Luxury Spa

Giving your home bathroom an all-white look can it fill cold and clinical. Incorporating a lick of color can make it more authentic and spa-like. Current bathroom trends look to nature for inspiration- natural colors like browns, blues, greens, and grays can give your home bathroom an organic feel that will soothe you after a hard day's work.

In case a bathroom is small, go for paler greys and greens. These colors will make our space feel more like a spacious spa.

4. Create Magic With Shelving

Let's face it: not everyone can afford to have a large bathroom space. Even so, this doesn't mean that you can't make it more welcoming. One way of attaining this is by incorporating shelves in your small bathroom. Install a few tires of open shelving on the bathroom walls, add a few baskets for towels, toiletries, fancy soaps, and a decorative accent. Thus, you'll get an instant spa retreat.

5. Add Some Luxury Spa Artwork

Every room in your house can be decorated using art including your bathroom. Integrating a gallery wall or a large print will not only add a dimensional layer of intrigue to your design but will also make it appear more complete and welcoming. If possible, you can choose a relaxing visual theme such as ocean waves to create a luxury spa feeling.

6. Upgrade Your Shower Head

You can pamper yourself by upgrading your shower with a massage showerhead. In case you don't have a large soaking tub, adding a luxurious shower head with a simple design and multiple settings is a must-do. Whether you prefer a hand-held shower, waterfall shower, or high-pressure showerhead, choosing a unique one that suits your style will instantly upgrade your bathroom.

7. Update Your Towels and Rugs to Luxury Spa Standards

Luxurious towels to wrap in and fluffy bath rugs to rest your feet are key to achieving a spa-like feel in your bathroom. Pamper yourself with comfy, warm towels by tossing out your old towels and mats and upgrading to new fresh ones. You can further enhance the spa-like feeling of your bathroom by purchasing a towel warmer so that you can enjoy warm heated towels right at home.

8. Enlist a Tub Caddy

There are a few things as relaxing or spa-like as a long soak in the tub. Enlisting a tub caddy makes the soak more enjoyable given that it allows you to conveniently place a novel, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Ensure that you purchase a caddy that has non-slip silicone grips on its handles to keep it in place along with a rust-proof metal to hold your tablet, book, or glass as you enjoy your bath.

9. Add Gold Accents

Gold is the embodiment of luxury in a bathroom. It's glistening bright makes your space more appealing to the eye. You can incorporate gold accents throughout your bathroom, including on soap dispensers, cabinet handles, towel racks, mirror frames, etc. Doing this will add a touch of luxury and sophistication without portraying Hollywood Regency vibes.

10. Brighten Your Bathroom With Reflective Surfaces

Create an airy, bright look by outfitting your bathroom with shimmering reflective surfaces. Adding polished tiles, large-scale mirrors, chrome pictures will give your bathroom a sense of brightness and lightness which in turn will lift your mood. You can further brighten a poorly lit bathroom by installing additional light fixtures or brighter bulbs.

11. Incorporate Calming Scents to Create a Luxury Spa

There are scents that instantly bring forth a peaceful mental space. Add aromatherapy into your bathroom with calming scents such as rosemary or lavender. Scented candles, lotion, oil diffusers, or soaps can all provide simple ways of setting a tranquil mood. Alternatively, you can hang a bundle of eucalyptus on your shower so that you get a fresh burst of fragrance whenever you turn the water on.

12. Surround Yourself in Softness

From luxurious bath mats to sumptuous towels, fluffy slippers, and cozy robes – the bathroom is the place to bring in nurturing and soft textures. Such items are key to creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom. Nothing says spa quite like being surrounded with soft, comfy materials.

13. Hang a Chic Shower Curtain

Replacing your current shower curtain with a chic shower curtain is amongst the easiest and cheapest way of refreshing your bathroom. Curtains take a surprising amount of visual space in the room. As such changing this element can dramatically transform the entire look of the room. Ensure that you choose a design that's fresh and minimal in order to fit with the spa theme.

14. Put a Bench in the Shower for a Luxury Spa Feeling

You've probably noticed that hotels and luxury spas place a water-resistant bench in their walk-in showers. You can borrow a leaf from these establishments by incorporating the same in your bathroom. This addition provides a perch where you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the shower spray. Moreover, a shower bench offers a handy tabletop surface where you can corral items like shampoo and soap.

15. Lay Down a Teak Bath or Cedar Mat

A simple teak bath or cedar mat can effortlessly create a spa-like feel to your bathroom. It's a stylish solution that instantly brings out the feeling of spending a day in a spa. Teak is an excellent choice if your budget can allow it. However, if you want affordable, water-resistant wood, then cedar is the way to go.

16. Upgrade Your Toiletries

You can reinforce the spar appearance by adding extra details like aesthetically placing bath products that blend with your color theme. Suppose your toiletries don't come in spar-worthy packaging, you should consider decanting your shampoo or soap and conditioners into pretty bottles. Transparent glass jars are excellent for holding cotton rounds, sponges, and other small items. You can also corral toiletries on a tray to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom area.

17. Add a Cozy Seat

Suppose your bathroom has some extra square footage, you can add a settee or a side chair to give it a cozy and inviting feel. Position it near your shower or tub enclosure for a comfy spot to towel off. That said, you should ensure that the seat is upholstered in an indoor-outdoor fabric that can withstand heat and steam.

18. Consider Adding Candles to Create a Luxury Spa

candles create a luxury spa feeling in a small bathroom
White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in a home bathroom for relaxing rituals.

Never overlook the power of lighting when creating an elegant and cozy ambiance in your home bathroom. Candles will immediately enhance the mood of your bathroom allowing you to release stress after a long day of work.

19. Clean Your Bathroom Frequently

Whereas this may seem counterintuitive, a clean bathroom makes the relaxation session even more enjoyable. Thoroughly cleaning your bathroom once in a week makes it easier for you to jump in the tab at any time without worrying about any grime that may be lurking.

20. Consider Incorporating a Bidet

It's unlikely that people think of the toilet when working towards giving their bathroom a spa-like look. However, investing in a bidet can make a significant difference in how you portray self-care. Most bidets come with a heated seat for additional comfort and can be incorporated into just about any type of toilet.

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa

Bathrooms are among the hardest working rooms in our homes. We spend hundreds of hours over the course of our lifetime. As such, it is only right that we make them as elegant and comfortable as possible—the above tips can help you do just that.

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