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The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers for Lawn Care

From video doorbells to Bluetooth-enabled grills, there's no question that technology is being used to improve almost every aspect of home life. But did you know that smart tech now extends to sprinkler systems as well? It's true – the use of smart sprinkler controllers is on the rise. These systems have been embraced for their ease of use, effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and overall convenience. But what are the best smart sprinkler controllers on the market, and which one is the best choice for you and your home? Read on to learn all about the top smart sprinkler controllers available today.

Best for Auto-Scheduling

Watering your lawn cannot be performed using a one-size-fits-all approach. Some houses face watering restrictions on certain days. And, others may need to water specific areas in their outdoor space more often than others. Determining how to schedule a sprinkler to deliver the right amount of water at the right time on the right day can begin to feel complicated for even the most experienced homeowners. Fortunately, that's where smart tech comes in. Many smart sprinkler controllers are able to automatically schedule waterings based on weather data, soil quality information, and many more factors.

If auto-scheduling is important to you, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is a great option. Although it possesses a wide variety of features, perhaps its most important one is its well-designed scheduling feature. It uses smart technology to schedule watering at specific times on specific days. Thus, it eliminates the mental gymnastics that homeowners need to perform when planning their lawn care routine. It even allows homeowners to break their sprinkler systems up into distinct zones. Homeowners can program it so that sunny and shady spots are watered on their own schedules. It's a smart tool that makes it easy to care for your lawn and garden.

Best for Weather Awareness

When it comes to watering your lawn, it's important to keep track of the local weather. After all, it's just as wasteful to run a sprinkler during a period of heavy rain as it is harmful to avoid watering during periods of drought or high heat. Fortunately, many smart sprinkler controllers offer weather awareness technology. They adjust their watering schedules based on local temperature and precipitation data. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your smart sprinkler controller do the work.

When it comes to smart sprinkler controllers with weather-aware technology, the Plaid Systems Spruce Irrigation 16 Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller is a great choice. The system bases its watering schedule on hyper-localized weather data. It will automatically stop watering when it's too cold in order to avoid freezing. Pair it with separate soil moisture sensors to make even smarter decisions about when and where to water. It has the ability to easily auto-schedule waterings as well as compatibility with a wide variety of smart home hubs. The Plaid Systems sprinkler controller is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a system that's just as effective as it is smart.

Best for Saving Water

A smart sprinkler controller can easily save you plenty of money in the long run. Smart sprinklers are great at automatically planning schedules based on when would be most beneficial to water specific areas. They can also break up watering times to fully saturate soil without generating wasteful runoff. Even better? The cost savings don't end there. Many smart sprinkler controllers that are certified by the EPA's WaterSense program can qualify you for a rebate on your utility bill. Smart sprinkler controllers can help save water while also saving you money. A true win-win.

Smart sprinkler controllers make it easy to care for your lawn and garden, and have fun at the same time.

The PRO-16: 16 Zone Smart Wi-Fi / Ethernet Irrigation Sprinkler Controller boasts access to a wide variety of weather data. Use it to adjust its watering schedules in real-time to save water. It also features an EPA WaterSense certification and can continue operating even when your Wi-Fi is down. It's a great option for anyone who's looking to save water and money under any conditions. It can also be controlled from your smartphone, making it easy to turn on or off no matter where you are. If environmental friendliness is just as important to you as cost-effectiveness, you can't go wrong with a water-saving smart sprinkler controller like the PRO-16.

Best for Voice Controls

When you suddenly realize that you need to make a change to your watering schedule, it's not always easy to run over to a wall-mounted unit or try to track down your smartphone. That's where voice control comes in. Voice control makes it easy to use a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to make changes to your sprinkler controller system. Simply ask your smart home hub to perform your desired action. If convenience is a major component of your ideal sprinkler controller system, then a system that includes voice control technology may be the perfect choice for you.

The B-hyve 12-Zone Indoor/Outdoor Smart Sprinkler Controller is compatible with Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can control your sprinkler system with a simple spoken phrase. Not only is this smart sprinkler system easy to control, but it also offers a wide variety of other benefits. These include Weather Sense technology and EPA WaterSense-approved technology to help save you water and money. The B-hyve model is a small-but-mighty tool that can add convenience, functionality, and ease to every house.

Key Takeaway: Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Whether you value the ability to control your sprinkler system with your voice or prefer having the option to automate your watering schedule, there's a smart sprinkler controller out there for everyone. With a wide variety of smart sprinkler controllers available today, the only thing you need to decide is which one can help make your outdoor space as lush and healthy as possible. For more deals, discounts, and products to help make your indoor and outdoor spaces functional, beautiful, and smart, don't forget to check out the wide variety of offerings at ProductIQ.

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