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The Best of Walmart’s Deals For Days Offerings

First, it was Amazon that invented Prime Day, an annual two-day event hosted every June which allows its consumers to save on purchases of different products. This year, the event will take place between 21st and 22nd June. However, the company now faces stiff competition from rival retailer Walmart. Walmart is also rolling out a similar event dubbed Deals for Days which coincidentally runs from 20 to 23rd June. Even more interesting is the fact that Deals for Days has better pricing options than Prime Day, which means Walmart is out to give Amazon a run for its money.

From home appliances to electronics to tech devices and home improvement equipment, consumers are taking advantage of Walmart's Deals for Days offerings and competitive prices. Here are the best of those deals for 2021.

Walmart's Home Deals

Home furniture and decor accessories top the list of Walmart's offerings. The company offers a wide selection of home products and appliances. If you are looking to improve your patio or backyard with some wrought iron deck furniture,  you can grab the offer from Walmart while stocks last. Next is the Coway Airmega 200M air purifier, which is not only economical but stylish as well. Here is our top vacuum pick from the best home deals.

Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum

Reviews: Vacuuming can be a tiresome and time-consuming household chore. Getting help from a robotic vacuum is an efficient way to get the job done in a short time. Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum is designed to quickly understand your home's entire layout and navigate around the furniture and corners seamlessly. What's more, it comes with a map and a cleaning app which you can personalize to mark out no-clean zones, rooms to avoid, etc., without installing signs or barriers.

Initially, the vacuum may struggle a little as it gains traction on the carpet. However, this flexible robovac will adapt quickly and maneuver through your home to keep the surfaces spotless. The Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum is currently retailing at $430 in most shops. Walmart is offering it for a deal price of $310. If you decide to purchase it on Amazon, pick the deal price by clipping the on-page coupon.

Walmart TV Deals

Walmart's Deals for Days TV offers include a wide selection of both top and low-end TV brands. However, Walmart depends on third-party TV merchants. Some of these merchants have low ratings and poor reviews, so be sure to research any specific model you like, no matter the price. In this category, our best pick includes the TCL 6-Series, one of the best 4K LCD TVs. However, if you're looking for a TV set on a medium budget without minding the quality, there are loads of offers on Deals for Days that can fit into your budget.

Walmart Smartphones

Walmart smartphone deals also come with different phone services, not only on Deals for Days but every day. If you want to save both on phone service and phone price, you can take advantage of the current Deals for Days offer. For this, we recommend the iPhone 12 for the best affordable smartphone and iPhone SE (2020)  for those looking to own a fantastic smartphone iPhone on a budget.

Otherwise, without a service plan, Walmart phones are often sold by third-party sellers whose ratings are subject to scrutiny. For Android phones, Walmart offers our top picks like the Samsung Galaxy S21,  which requires mobile service. As the Deals for Days continues, we will be looking for even better, super-budget deals.

Walmart Laptops

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn't sell iMacs or MacBooks since the store's selection of laptops consists of budget and medium-budget options. Neither is the store offering our choice picks of Chromebooks except for perhaps the Pixelbook Go. However, this is also sold on the store's website by third-party sellers and manufacturers such as Lenovo.

Notable laptop offers on Walmart's Deals for Days include gaming laptops and low-cost Windows laptops. These deals also come in different specs, so you'll have to browse around for what you're looking for. Otherwise, if you want a cheap laptop without minding the quality, you can pick a Chromebook or budget desktop.

Walmart Tablets

Our best picks for Walmart Tablets include the Apple iPad, the 8th generation model with a storage capacity of 32 GB. The device's street retail price is $330, but Walmart's Deals for Days price is $300. So if you've wanted to own one for a discount or manageable amount, now is the time to grab the offer.

The Apple iPad is an ideal tablet phone for most iPad users. It features a large screen with an intuitive operating system and excellent hardware. Like most previous models, the 8th gen model shares nearly the same specs. However, it also features a faster processor and durable battery. Perfect for those who spend most of their time online and need a device with a shorter processing time.

A young woman sitting at a low table while using an IPad tablet.
Consumers are taking advantage of Walmart's Deals for Days offerings and competitive prices.

Our next pick for Walmart tablets is the Apple iPad Air 4th generation which features a 10.9-inch screen and a storage capacity of 64 GB. Currently, the tablet is retailing at $600 in most shops. Walmart is offering it for $540 on Deals for Days.

If you have wanted to upgrade to a high-tech tablet, go for the 64 GB iPad Air and pick it up for $540, and save over $60. This high-quality device features a full screen, a durable battery, and a user-friendly interface. What's more, it's super-fast, versatile, and allows you to perform your tasks on the go. What we like most about the iPad Air is its lightweight and portability design which is perfect for most tablet tasks. However, if you need a device that allows you to perform heavy and serious web development and coding, we recommend that you pick a laptop as a better option.

Walmart Kitchen Deals

Walmart's Deals for Days offers a robust selection of Product IQ-approved kitchen picks, which includes different kitchen appliances from Cuisinart, Instant Pot, KitchenAid, and NutriBullet. In addition, there are select pans and cookware sets from Product IQ-recommended Tramontina and Lodge brands.

However, as you shop around for kitchen appliances on Walmart, watch out for third-party sellers. Our top picks for microwaves include Toshiba EM131A5C and similar items from All-Clad, Breville, and other high-end brands.

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