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Stay Cool with the Best Sheets of the Summer

Ready for a summer bedroom refresh? The weather is getting warmer, and it's time to ditch the flannel for light, breezy summer bedding.  All you need is a good set of high-quality sheets to completely change the look and feel of your space — as well as the quality of your sleep. While it might seem like getting a piece of cloth to cover your mattress shouldn't be that complicated, a surprising number of factors influence the comfort of your bedding, how it wears, and how long it will last. From fiber content to thread count, little details make the difference between a hot, uncomfortable night and a great night's sleep with the best sheets. Fortunately, we've found several options that have great quality and won't break the bank. Choose one of these top sheet sets to upgrade your bedroom for those balmy summer nights.

Keep it Classy: Cotton Percale

Best sheets for: All-purpose summer bedding, best value

If you're going to pick one sheet set for summer, this is the one. Brooklinen's classic cotton percale sheets rose above the competition with their high thread count, long fiber cotton threads, and crisp matte finish. These sheets made us feel like we were hopping into bed at a luxury resort, and we loved the clean, cool feel of these sheets after a long summer day. Best of all, with sets starting at just over $100, we found these to be the best bang for your buck when it comes to summer bedding.

From fiber content to thread count, little details make the difference.

The quality, feel, and long wear of these sheets made them stand out above the competition in this category. This company prioritizes long-staple fibers which are spun so finely that they stay strong and durable while highlighting single-ply construction for maximum breathability. For the customer, this means the sheets are softer, smoother, and more lightweight than the competition. We really noticed a difference in the light, breezy feel of these sheets, which kept us cool even in hot weather.

Even though the sheets were lightweight, the 270 thread count makes a nice, tight weave that holds up to wear and tear. Percale is an extra-strong weaving technique, so we feel comfortable recommending these sheets for everyone from kids to adults. These pilled significantly less than other sheets after multiple washes, and the sheets stayed nice and soft over time.

Beat the Heat: Linen

Best sheets for: Hot, humid climates, heavy use

If you live where it gets really hot and humid in the summer, you know that even cotton can't always keep you cool. That's why we recommend linen sheets for the hottest climates and anywhere with high humidity. You'll have to accept the fact that all linen wrinkles, but the decidedly chic, effortless effect makes a beautiful style statement and makes for an incredibly comfortable night's sleep.

Linen sheets look and feel different from cotton. The weave is looser, which makes this fabric the most breathable option. It's great for memory foam mattresses that tend to retain heat. In addition, individual linen fibers are stronger than cotton fibers. This creates a longer-lasting sheet that gets softer after every wash. In fact, if you're used to cotton sheets, you might want to wash linen a few times before you sleep on it!

We recommend Tuft & Needle's Natural Linen Set with its 100-night trial and high quality relative to the price. Starting as low as $200 a set, you're getting a great deal on linen sheets at a quality that ensures they'll last.

Go Luxe: Cotton Sateen

Best sheets for: Summer romance, getting your beauty sleep

If you dream of falling into the soft feel of silky satin sheets, but it just doesn't seem practical for hot summer weather, it's time to meet your new favorite bedding material: Cotton Sateen. Combining the absorbency and breathability of cotton with the luxurious feel of silk and satin, these unbelievably silky cotton sateen sheets from Brooklinen really impressed us. The secret? Cotton sateen uses a special weaving technique and the finest threads on the market to give its fibers the beautiful shine and buttery soft feel that our reviewers loved.

While these sheets were a little heavier than the classic cotton sheets, we liked the ability to extend them into spring and fall without sacrificing comfort. If you tend to run a little cooler, these are a great choice. Extra fine, long-staple threads again made a huge difference in the look, feel, and long-lasting nature of these sheets. You're getting a significant upgrade to a thread count of 480 instead of 270, and it's just slightly more expensive than cotton percale, starting around $135 for a set.

Eco-Friendly: Organic Cotton

Best sheets for: Environmentally conscious, sensitive skin, small children

Although the other products we suggested are OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring there are no harmful chemicals on the final product, organic cotton goes the extra mile. For an organic option, we recommend Naturepedic's Organic Luxury Sheet Set. Rest assured that the cotton in these sheets is non-GMO and grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Snuggle into the extra soft, comfortable sheets knowing that you're doing your part to keep the environment healthy.

Many of our reviewers loved the soft feel and sturdy construction of these 400 count sheets. Organic cotton is difficult to produce, so you'll pay a higher price for these than our other cotton recommendations. People with sensitive skin were especially thankful for this option and thought it was well worth the price.

Key Takeaways

Whatever you choose, summer bedding is all about staying cool and comfortable. Stick to natural fibers like cotton and linen for the best breathability, and look for thread counts of 250-500 for good-quality sheets. We found that the long-staple fibers offered by companies like Brooklinen actually did make a difference in producing lighter, more breathable bedding with better durability.

Transitioning your room from a warm winter cocoon into a cool, breezy, summer space doesn't have to be terribly expensive. A new bedding set refreshes the look and feel of your space with minimal effort — just the right change for a lazy summer day.

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