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The Baker’s Favorite Ovenware Set: Our Place

Our Place has become a cultic brand because of producing stylish and high-quality cookware, including the famous Always pan and the Perfect Pot. Recently, the brand introduced the Our Place Ovenware set, revolutionary cookware. Read on to find more information about this baker's favorite:

Key Features

The five-set ovenware comprises all equipment you require for baking and roasting, including:

  • The oven pan. This versatile pan can function as a griddle on the stovetop or a roasting pan on the oven. Like other cookware from Our Place, this oven pan features a non-stick ceramic coating. The pan is also deep enough to prevent liquids from dripping into the oven.
  • Oven Mat. This non-stick reusable silicone oven mat is the best alternative to parchment paper used for golden brown cookies. The mat includes a one-inch square for spacing out and measuring your baked products.
  • Bakers: Our Place ovenware set includes a trio of bakers, including main bake, side bake, and tiny bake. These baking dishes also feature a glossy interior, making them non-stick and naturally appealing.

Besides versatility and functionality, the ovenware set comes in a range of colors such as blue salt (grey-blue), sage (earthy-green), char (deep charcoal), spice (dusky pink), and steam (creamy oatmeal). These colors match the rest of Our Place cookware.

The Our Place Ovenware Set is made from non-stick and non-toxic materials, making it easy to clean and harmless. The pans have ergonomic handles, deep lips, and chip-resistant stoneware for the finest oven cooking. Additionally, the set fits together seamlessly to maximize storage.

Perfect For:

This five-piece ovenware set works synergistically and individually to make baking and roasting enjoyable. The oven mat is ideal for baking products like brown cookies, while the oven pan is versatile and can be used for roasting or baking. As for the trio bakers, the main bake is perfect for deep roasting things such as casseroles and lasagna. The side bake is smaller and ideal for preparing roasted macaroni, veggies, and cheese. The tiny bake is the size of a standard loaf pan; soon, it'll be the best tin for baking homemade bread.

Where to Buy Our Place Ovenware Set

This ovenware set is currently available on the Our Place website and will be available on leading retailers soon.

We invite you to visit our website and gather valuable information about similar products.

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