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Natural Sunscreens You Should Use for Sun Protection

One of the best things about summer is the fact that we are able to get outdoors and enjoy some natural sunlight. It is an experience that we crave as human beings. However, it is also something that we need to protect ourselves against. This might sound odd or even contradictory, but it actually makes sense. Given our biology, the sun can be extremely harmful to us if we are exposed to it directly for too long. Thus, let's take a closer look at some natural sunscreens available on the market to help protect us against the harmful rays of the sun. Before we dive into that though, we need to know what to look at when considering any brand of sunscreen.

Factors to Consider in Natural Sunscreens

Before purchasing any sunscreen, we should consider these factors in order to purchase something that will do everything we want from it.

  • Active Ingredients — We are looking for natural sunscreens because we don't want all the chemicals that come with some mass-market sunscreens sold out there. Those chemicals are harmful to some people. At the very least, they can have an odor to them that we definitely don't want to have to contend with. Thus, look for sunscreens that list only zinc and titanium dioxide as active ingredients. Anything more than that likely means that the sunscreen is mixed with other substances that we don't want.
  • Broad-Spectrum Protection — You need protection from all the different types of UV rays that the sun emits. Only the brands that are broad spectrum offer this kind of protection. Make sure you look for this label when buying.
  • Sourcing — Consider the source where you purchase your sunscreen from. Aim for companies that specialize in natural sunscreens. If you do go to a large retailer, make sure that you look for the section that is dedicated to the natural sunscreens.

Unsun Natural Mineral Sunscreen Primer/Toner

How would you like to get both sunscreen primer and toner all in one bottle? That is what UnSun Natural Tinted Face Sunscreen provides. It has been scientifically engineered to blend in perfectly with virtually all skin tones. Thus, it is a great product for every skin type from the very pale-skinned individual with freckles to someone with a darker skin tone. This product is 100% natural, and it is never tested on animals. It keeps these ethics at the top of the list of priorities. The company knows that its customers want products that are ethical too.

The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sunscreen

One of the aspects of laying in the sun for too long that is not often discussed is the fact that it can literally do damage to the cells in your skin. This can progress aging in you, and it can make you frustrated that you appear older than your true age. It is something that people have contended with for a long time. They have tried to balance a beautiful-looking tan with the advanced aging it can lead to. This is where the Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sunscreen comes in.

This sunscreen dives deep into the skin when applied. It actually goes directly to the cells to provide extra protection against the sun. The ingredients included in this formula specifically target cells and boost their resistance to an attack from the sun. Despite all of this, it only contains the natural ingredients of zinc and titanium oxide along with naturally occurring Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter. It is ideal for those who want protection against the look of aged skin.

All Good Kid's Sunscreen Lotion

Children need the protection of natural sunscreens as much as adults do, if not more so. They tend to love to play out in the sun for very long stretches of time. Children don't realize that they might be doing damage to themselves by being out there too long. It is up to their caregivers to protect them from overextending themselves with time out in the sun. Those caregivers should also consider applying All Good Kid's Sunscreen as well.

Three kids with different skin tones displaying their forearms with a line of sunscreen on each.
Look for sunscreens that list only zinc and titanium dioxide as active ingredients.

This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is SPF 30 and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Thus, a day at the beach can remain just as fun as ever with the comfort of knowing that the sunscreen is not going to simply dissolve into the water of the ocean.

The makers of this one know that children's skin can be sensitive, and that is why they have designed the formula to be extra soothing and smooth for children's skin. There is no need to worry that the child will not be able to handle it.

Bobo Botanicals Daily Sheer Face Lotion

Another great sunscreen option for children is the Bobo Botanicals daily sheer face lotion. The important difference between the previous natural sunscreens and the Bobo Botanicals lotion is that this lotion is expected to be used on a more daily basis. There are some children born with very fair skin, and they may be more vulnerable to getting sun damage. This could be true even if they are not directly exposed to it for long periods of time. For some children, even casual exposure to sunlight within the home is enough to cause issues. That is why Bobo Botanicals is a great choice for them.

This lotion is meant to be applied to the face in particular as this is the area that often receives damage from the sun. It is SPF 30 and is not tested on animals. It is gentle on the skin with the comfort of the child in mind at all times. Just a small amount of this product goes a long way, and it can prevent some of the most devastating impacts of sunlight exposure.

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