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Step Up Your Game Today With GYMB Booty Bands!

Looking to start with toning or strengthening your body? You're in the right place! Booty bands are looped fabric bands that provide resistance in toning and strength-building exercises. GYMB Booty bands are #1 Best Seller's in Strength Training Thigh & Hip Strengtheners, and can also be used for a full-body workout!


The elastic GYMB Booty Bands come in a pack of three and come in the colors pink, cyan, lavender, black, and gray. Each pack comes with three resistance levels, allowing beginners and experts alike to get to work.

  • The light band provides 14 to 25 pounds of resistance.
  • The medium band provides 25 to 35 pounds of resistance.
  • The strong band provides 40 to 50 pounds of resistance.

GYMB booty bands are special, as they are longer than the average booty band, at 13.6 inches. This ensures no rolling or sliding happens during exercise. The non-slip strips on the inside of the band guarantee they stay put, and the cloth material ensures no pinching for the duration of your reps. GYMB bands are made to be long-lasting. No matter how hard you push them, they will keep their elasticity.

Right now, GYMB Booty bands come with an exercise booklet, a carrying bag, as well as video workouts directed by knowledgeable personal trainers!

Perfect for…

Anything! You can always get a great workout with GYMB bands when using them in your home, outside, at the gym, or anywhere you have time to exercise. The GYMB Booty bands also have incredible versatility. In fact, you can add them to a wide variety of exercises for added resistance. You can use the bands for…

Because of the light, medium, and strong resistances available in the three-band pack, beginners and experts can use each band to their liking. You can start with the light resistance and increase the band resistance when you're ready to push yourself.

Where to Buy Your Own GYMB Booty Bands

You can purchase these bands on Amazon or Walmart today to step up your game!

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