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Guide to the Best Reading Chairs for 2021

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Reading chairs are a unique classification because there's really no official furniture standard. When talking about the best reading chairs, we refer to special seats designed to keep you relaxed, secure, and protected from any demand that takes you outside your reading.

Finding a great chair is no easy feat, and an excellent reading chair is even harder to find. The furniture shouldn't just offer comfort. Your ideal seat should also be flexible enough to support different reading positions and must be aesthetically pleasing. To get all these, you may spend days searching for reading chairs' Holy Grail, only to fall short.

So what should you look at when shopping for the perfect reading chair? And which varieties are currently running the world in 2021? This guide has everything to burrow into for an informed decision and an exceptional page-turning experience.

Consideration Factors When Shopping for the Best Reading Chairs

The market is currently filled with numerous products of different quality, price, and aesthetics. It can be hard to sift through your options and find the most appropriate furniture for your situation. Focusing on these factors will help you narrow down your options to only the best reading chairs and make an excellent pick.

  • Depth and width – Reading from a seat that doesn't offer the appropriate width and depth to support you comfortably can be a stressful experience. Your preferred seat's dimensions should fit your physique, support you comfortably, and let you relax your back against the backrest.
  • Material – You definitely want a reading chair of high-quality material. If you read for extended periods, then cloth is a better material. Conversely, leather is easier to clean. That said, your preferred material should best match your needs.
  • Excellent lumbar support – The lumbar arches inwards naturally. Long reading hours on an uncomfortable chair without support may cause your lower back to slouch. So ensure you go for a seat that supports this section of your back to enjoy even longer reading.
  • Price – This is among the primary considerations when looking for a reading chair. At the end of the day, if the price doesn't match your budget, it doesn't matter its quality or how functional it is. So before you leave for shopping, it's prudent to settle on a price point.
  • Swivel – Your seat should swivel to let you move with ease. For instance, imagine you want to reach the shelf for a new book. Would you prefer leaving your comfort zone or simply turn the chair and pick it? Obviously, the latter works for you.
  • Aesthetics – With all other factors considered, don't ignore the chair's aesthetics. Comfort is not just tactile but also visual. So ensure you choose a product that's pleasing to your eye.

The Best Reading Chairs for 2021

Every person's definition of a “perfect” reading chair varies, and preferences are never the same. But our comprehensive list comprises the top products in every budget range, from the best affordable furniture you'll never know are way cheap up to the genuinely splurge-worthy reading chair. Let's explore.

Pottery Barn Irving Roll Arm Leather Recliner

Are you looking for a nice, cozy, leather reading chair to kick back in? This reading chair is built to fulfill your dreams. The timeless piece of furniture offers the ideal comfort and support thanks to its built-in recliner and no-sag sinuous springs to prevent you from sinking in.

Another great feature of this attractive chair is that it comes in various top-grain aniline-dyed leather. Your choices are vast. If the dark molasses leather doesn't match your interior, you can go for the standard chestnut or pick a bolder shade like forest green and berry red.

The seat is ideal for the family room, living room, home office, basement, or bedroom. However, some users may find the polyester-wrapped cushioning too firm.

Article Embrace Rocking Chair

A rocking chair doesn't have to be that old rickety porch seat in your grandparents' house. You can also enjoy the same great comfort by having it as your reading chair.

This seat offers the excellent qualities of the older generation's chairs but has a sleek design that brings it into the 21st century. The upholstery comprises white, durable fabric supported by solid wood. Most customers acknowledge that this seat comes “packed with comfort.” It's filled with fiberfill and foam, letting you sink right in and feel like never getting up.

Unfortunately, it's for dry cleaning only.

West Elm Book Nook Armchair

Even with teeny-tiny spacing, you can still get a nice, comfortable reading chair you've always wished for. This great-looking piece of furniture is more compact than most similar alternatives, but this doesn't sacrifice comfort. Despite the size, the seat's width and depth let you snuggle up, and the soft, curved arms are designed for the perfect perch.

Notably, the pricing is fair, and you can choose from three finishes and fabrics. However, some users may find the product too small.

Willa Arlo Interiors Heywood 24″ Armchair and Ottoman

This reading chair is ideal for the real bookworms who curl up for hours reading novel after novel. It's built for comfort and comes with an ottoman. More than 2,200 users have given five-star reviews on this set, most lauding its comfort and aesthetic value.

The set is made of an easy-to-clean polyester blend. Though it comes with an ottoman, the chair's design is also worth mentioning. It comprises a rounded back and low flared arms that offer a widely appealing traditional look. It also has a tufted seatback with plush cushioning.

Finally, the set comes in neutral colors (gray and cream) to match vast décor styles. However, resting your arms on the studs may be uncomfortable.

A living room with a grey couch and two armchairs arranged around a coffee table on a blue rug.
Great reading chairs keep you relaxed, secure, and protected from any demand that takes you outside your reading.


This reading chair is a favorite, thanks to its affordability and value for money. The Swedish retailer hasn't disappointed in terms of quality and comfort. Notably, its simple design comprises a sleek wooden frame and comfortable cushioning.

Besides its price, the seat is compact to fit small spaces like an apartment, dormitory, or a tiny home office. It's also extremely lightweight for easy movement. The retailer offers a few iterations of this product, and you can later upgrade to a leather one. You can also get a reasonably priced ottoman for your feet, but you'll purchase this separately.

Joybird Briar Chair

Do you have some space in your bedroom, small or large, that you want to turn into a reading spot? This is the perfect reading chair. The seat is attractive, comfortable, and has a square shape that lets you fit it right into a corner.

What's more, you can choose from 65 different shades, from gray to canary yellow. Therefore, you're confident that the product will match your room's color scheme.

Safavieh Vernon Rocking Chair with Cushions

Reading isn't only reserved for indoors. This comfortable reading seat also lets you enjoy your books outside. It's made from acacia wood and thick, fabric-covered cushioning. It has a gently sloping back and requires a small and straightforward assembly process to be ready for use. Finally, it's weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor use. But some users may find the cushioning too firm.

Getting the perfect reading chair for your needs and space is no easy task. Fortunately, you can make an informed decision by paying attention to the above considerations and focusing on the above pieces of furniture.

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