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Eight’s Smart Mattress Is Self-Cooling and Heating

Do things get a little heated when you’re asleep?

You’re not alone. Many people struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep because the temperature is not right.

So, what can you do about it?

You might want to take a look at your mattress. Throughout the night, your mattress retains the heat from your body and radiates it back to you.

The new Pod Pro smart mattress from Eight Sleep claims to be just what you need to stay at the perfect temperature all night long. Does it stack up? Let’s learn about Eight Sleep’s new mattress here!

Benefits of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress

This 11” all-foam mattress and its accompanying high-tech Pod Pro cover have been designed to offer sleepers their best quality sleep. Using cutting-edge sleep technology and a little bit of good, old-fashioned water, this mattress offers many people their best night of sleep.

While the mattress itself is also expertly designed, the smart part of the mattress is in the Pod Pro cover. This zip-on cover works perfectly with Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress or it can be slipped around your current mattress. It works with mattresses sizes 10”-16” and adjusts snugly around the mattress.

Regardless of whether you buy the full mattress or just the cover, you’ll still enjoy the following benefits.


Temperature is a big deal when you’re sleeping. If you find yourself to be too hot or too cold, good luck trying to get to sleep. The wrong temperature is also a top reason why people have trouble staying asleep.

How many times do you find yourself waking up at night to take off or add an extra blanket?

What if there were a mattress that could automatically make temperature adjustments? Then, you wouldn’t have to be waking up to do it yourself. Say hello to more restful sleep!

The Pod Pro is divided into two sides to allow each person control over their side of the bed. The temperature can be adjusted through a wide range from 55 to 110 degrees F.

The system also reacts intelligently to room temperature and even outdoor conditions like temperature and humidity.

Innovative App

This mattress is smart, but how does it know your sleep preferences? Each user is able to control the settings for their side of the bed directly from their smartphone.

The free IOS and Android apps allow users to control all the features of the mattress with just a few taps.

Sleep Tracking

Interested in tracking your sleep and finding ways to improve the quality? The Pod mattress makes it super easy.

Instead of having to use wearables, you just lie on top of your mattress as you normally would. As you sleep, the mattress collects information on your heart rate, time in deep sleep, how much you move, and other factors.

You can review this information in the Eight Sleep app. You will learn about your sleep stages, sleep time, movements, and more.


We’ve talked a lot about the high-tech aspects of this new mattress, but is it comfortable? All the bells and whistles are great, but if it’s not comfortable, it’s a useless mattress.

The mattress is moderately firm, offering good support for light and average-weight sleepers. Side sleepers may find the mattress too firm as there may not be enough give for their shoulder and hip.

One reviewer mentioned the Pod Pro cover felt odd, like sleeping on a waterbed or air mattress. This may or may not be an issue for individual consumers.

Rise and Shine

As if perfect temperature regulation weren’t enough, that’s not all this smart mattress does.

Avoid waking a sleeping partner (and the awful wailing of alarm clocks) and use the mattress to wake up instead. Set it to either gradually warm or cool and enjoy a gentle vibration at chest level to nudge you awake.

Parts of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress

There are several parts that work together to make the Pod Pro Mattress.

The Pod Pro Cover

The Pod Pro cover is a knit polyester cover encasing the active grid, which is the main engine of the mattress. This grid is made of sensors and water tubes.

Hot and cold water is pumped through the grid to heat and cool the mattress. The sensors are what the mattress uses to gather sleep data throughout the night.

Comfort Layer

Next comes a comfort layer made of soft poly-foam. Though the mattress is on the firm side of things, this layer allows a bit of give.

Transition Layer

Underneath this is another poly foam transition layer. This one, however, responds better to pressure, giving the sleeper more support.

Base Layer

The rest of the mattress is made of standard high-density polyfoam. However, this is a smart mattress, so it’s also got SmartTemp AI to collect information.

The Hub

The Hub is the water pump that supplies either hot or cold water to the active grid as needed. You’ll need to fill the Hub with fresh water every 2 to 3 months. Always add a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to keep bacteria away.

Is Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro Mattress Right for You?

The technology in the Pod Pro is definitely able to help anyone get a good night’s sleep. The mattress is decently comfortable for light and average weight back and stomach sleepers. Unfortunately, side sleepers may find it too firm and heavier individuals may find it too squishy.

Choosing the right mattress is ultimately a personal choice. The same mattress won’t work for everyone. However, the option of buying just the Pod Pro cover to use with your existing mattress makes the system quite versatile.

Interested in trying it out? Eight Sleep is pretty confident in its product and offers a 100-night trial.

So, you really have nothing to lose — except a good night’s sleep! Click here to buy or learn more.

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