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Luxury and Function with the Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum

You might not have ever thought of a vacuum as a work of art, but here we are…the Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum! This essential household fixture includes a soft roller head ideal for cleaning hard surfaces. It also has a motorized head that can pull out dirt from even the filthiest of carpets. The Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum is designed completely around comfort and ease of use. In just one motion, the vacuum becomes a handheld, allowing you to clean every nook and cranny of your home or workplace.


  • Up to 40 minutes of powerful suction
  • Multiple power modes allow for regular cleaning and up to 7 minutes of power for the highest level
  • Traps allergens and pushes out cleaner air than before
  • Weighs only 5.7 pounds
  • Multiple attachments for any surface area you can imagine.
  • Battery-powered with 120 volts.

No Hassle and No Mess

The two worst parts of using any vacuum are dealing with the cord and emptying the collection bin. With the Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum, the name says it all! Because it is battery-powered, there is no cord to deal with, and it includes plenty of power to get through virtually all your cleaning needs. Cleaning the bin is also completely mess-free with a push-button release that empties the dirt right into the trash.

How to Purchase Your Very Own Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum looks and feels as high quality as any vacuum on the market. The name Dyson is known for quality and can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including Walmart or Amazon. Don't continue to fumble with cords and get yourself and your clothes filthy, putting more dirt back into the air than you took out. Step into a quality product and make cleaning so much simpler.

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