Nite Ize Nite Dog Rechargeable LED Leash

Make sure you and your dog are fully visible during dawn, dusk, and night walks with the Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash.

This dog leash features two ultra-bright LED lights and an integrated optical fiber that illuminates the full length of the leash without loss of brightness. The NiteDog Rechargeable Leash also provides hand-to-collar visibility of you and your dog. Make sure you are safe and seen even in the darkest streets with this rechargeable leash!

With a quick recharging time and long battery life, the Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash will allow you to go on many walks with your canine friend without having to wait.


This leash is designed to keep you and your dog safe when walking in the dark. Its features include:

  • Full-length leash illumination
  • Bright LED lights
  • 6+ hour battery life
  • Rapid recharging
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded handle
  • Tough and durable
  • High-quality metal hardware

Perfect For…

The Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash is designed to allow you and your dog to walk safely during dawn, dusk, or even the dark. It is also fully illuminated, providing hand-to-collar visibility for you and your canine friend. Have peace of mind knowing you and your dog are visible even on dark streets with the Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash. It's also perfect for:

  • Dawn, dusk, as well as nighttime walks.
  • Streets with inadequate lighting.
  • Providing extra safety for night walks.
  • Pet owners who walk their dogs in the early morning.
  • Dog owners with busy lifestyles.
  • Adding style to your walks.
  • Increasing visibility for motorists and other pedestrians.
  • Giving you extra light during your walks.

Retailers That Sell the Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash

Buy yours at Amazon, Nite Ize, or at Target!

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