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Cuisinart Core Custom 10-Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart Core Custom 10-Cup Food Processor is the perfect addition to any home kitchen. It allows you to chop, puree, shred, or slice any food. It will save valuable time for busy cooks and make preparing any meal simple and enjoyable. n fact, its powerful motor can handle any task and its versatility allows you to tackle any recipe. There are three speeds, as well as both fine and medium discs for slicing and shredding, which let you control how finely you want your ingredients chopped, sliced, or shredded. The sleek modern design will complement any kitchen with modern elements. The processor is also very easy to assemble and clean.


The Cuisinart Core Custom 10-Cup Food Processor also includes several valuable features, including:

  • Powerful motor
  • A motor platform that can accommodate a variety of attachments and accessories
  • 10-cup Tritan work bowl with lid and seal
  • Premium chopping blade
  • Reversible slicing and shredding discs in fine and medium sizes
  • Easy-to-use control paddles
  • 3 speeds: High, Low, and Pulse
  • Medium and small pushers
  • Sleek, modern design
  • 4 available colors: white, gray, blue, and silver
  • Removable hub for storing accessories
  • Customizable with the purchase of additional accessories, such as a blender jar, juicing center, dicing kit, dough blade, specialty discs, and others


The Cuisinart Core Custom 10-Cup Food Processor is perfect for anyone who wants help preparing delicious meals. Working professionals, and even stay-at-home parents, are often short on time and may find it difficult to prepare elaborate meals daily. With this useful kitchen accessory, you can cut your cooking time in half (at least). So save yourself the effort of chopping, slicing, and shredding, and make the processor do it!

Where to Buy

The Cuisinart Core Custom 10-Cup Food Processor can be found at several retailers, including AmazonTargetMacy's, and others.

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