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The 5 Best Outdoor Speakers for Any Backyard

A party in your backyard is incomplete without music. Well-placed outdoor speakers liven up the mood with some crisp sound as you enjoy dinner with your friends. With the ideal outdoor speaker, you don't have to keep adjusting your mobile device's volume or strain your ears.

To get you started, we have compiled the best outdoor speakers that deliver top-notch intricacies of your best music selections.

Klipsch AWR-650-SM

If you want an outdoor speaker that is inconspicuous but still delivers quality music levels, go for Klipsch AWR-650-SM. It mimics the shape of a 17-inch huge hunk of either granite or sandstone to customize your garden's appearance or patio's specific aesthetics. This way, it blends perfectly with your outdoors without causing too much attention.

On its hardware, it comes with a UV-resistant enclosure, and the wiring is waterproof and thick. Additionally, the speaker's undersides are slathered with a sealant so the speakers can last long enough. The AWR-650-SM consistently delivers superior sound quality thanks to the dual 6.5 woofer and 0.8-inch dual poly dome tweeters packed on the faux boulders. As a result, it produces a heavy bass that is authoritative and heavy coupled with a brass that pops.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to listen in both mono and stereo output modes. The speakers also have a pleasing sound on lower and higher volumes. You can create a perfect surround sound effect to submerge yourself in the music mood or place them on opposite sides of your outdoor space.

This speaker lets you customize your garden's appearance or patio's specific aesthetics.

Dual Electric LU43PB

In case you are on a tight budget but you want an outdoor speaker with all the right features, Dual Electric LU43PB is the right pick. It's one of the most affordable outdoor speakers in the market that still delivers formidable sound. The 8.25-inch speakers are made to serve you in all seasons. The UV-resistant resin coating inside an ABS enclosure safeguards it from adverse heat and rain while also preserving your sound integrity. You can mount them wherever you want. You can easily adjust the attached swivel brackets on either vertical or horizontal positions and still maintain quality audio output.

Each speaker has a tweeter, a midrange driver, and a four-inch woofer. Therefore, your playlist will be smoother, clearer, and will outdo most of the two-driver systems. Better yet, the woofer boasts a robust bass and a 120 degree sound range that cuts across your entire backyard. You can also point them in a particular direction as per your needs, and they can fit pretty much anywhere thanks to their beautiful and inconspicuous appearance.

JBL Control 29AV-1

For those craving an outdoor speaker with more power to make a perfect party mood, the JBL Control 29AV-1 will hit the right spot. You have 300 watts power – enough to deliver that ear-blasting effect for a midsized outdoor area.

It has a rotatable high-frequency horn. This gives you the flexibility to use the speaker in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on your needs. The sound degree of 110×85 coupled with a frequency range of 40 Hz-19 kHz ensures consistent coverage throughout the listening area. The 1 inch titanium compression and the 8 inch woofer bring out an impressive power level that translates into precise frequencies and booming bass.

The JBL Control 29AV-1 is also designed in an excellent way to handle bad weather conditions. Use it in direct sunlight and rains and still maintain the quality to run a party. Additionally, it has a rear-loaded driver for extra protection.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

The Polk Atrium speakers are a perfect package for a minimalist who cares about top-notch audio quality. Whether you want to bring the party on your porch, poolside, or patio, the Polk Atrium speakers are for you. They provide an excellent sound and booming bass without occupying much of your space. You can choose between black and white to match your outdoors space's colors. The shape is inoffensive and aesthetically appealing.

The speakers have a 4.5-inch woofer to handle bass frequencies. As a result, you have a perfectly balanced sound than having speakers with a single driver. Still, everyone in the backyard will hear the playlist clearly, thanks to eight watts of power in each channel that enables the speakers to cut through the background noise. Additionally, the curved design of the speakers aids in spreading the sound more evenly.

The Atrium 4 speakers are also all-weather certified. You don't have to worry about heavy rains or extreme temperatures. The internal components are made of brass and stainless steel, and they have an aluminum bracket and grilles. It's also easy to mount the speakers both horizontally and vertically using the quick one-click mounting bracket.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

If you fancy portable speakers that can provide quality bass for every guest within your outdoor space, the Bose speaker will deliver beyond your expectations. It comes in a portable package, and you can grab the handle of the lightweight-yet-powerful speaker and place it anywhere in your backyard.

The triple black color is also a good fit for most areas, so you won't have to make lots of changes to accommodate it. It also has a durable design and is water-resistant to life's splashes, bumps, drops, and sprays. You can use the USB-C cord or a charging cradle for the battery, which lasts for up to 12 hours.

You can connect it to your tablet or mobile device and listen to your favorite playlist. Still, if it's within Wi-Fi range, you can stream whatever you wish and control the speaker via your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This way, you can have a playlist from various integrated music services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

Key Takeaway

As you plan for that party, remember to include one of the above outdoor speakers to bring out the vibe and the atmosphere you are looking for. Depending on your preference, budget, versatility, and sound expectations, you will always find the right speaker in our selection. Also, remember to check out more deals at ProductIQ.

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