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The 8 Best Hydrofoil Wakeboards for 2021

Few water sports beat the exhilarating feeling of hydrofoiling. Perhaps, the ability to ride hydrofoil wakeboards despite choppy waters is what makes the sport special. Not to mention the associated physical and health benefits. Improved mental focus, strengthening your leg and arm muscles, increasing flexibility, and the refreshing feeling you get from venturing outdoors make the sport worth trying.

Getting on a hydrofoil wakeboard helps you literally fly above the water while earning enviable bragging rights. Successfully riding hydrofoil wakeboards requires a great deal of balance and eye coordination. After all, you are cruising behind a speeding boat. But the best thing is that you don't necessarily need a wake boat to enjoy the sport. You can ride behind any boat that can pull you.

We know you can't wait to grab your wakefoil and start savoring the amazing experience. To assist your selection, here are the eight best hydrofoil wakeboards to consider.

Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package

Stiff and light, Phase Five Gizmo is built to enhance balance control. Slowly transfer all your weight to the board as you rise with gaining speed and do it confidently because Phase Five Gizmo takes it all in. With sturdy and broad wings for maximum lift, this wakefoil provides a smooth ride, regardless of how choppy the waters get.

At a length of 54″, Phase Five Gizmo can ride even the smallest of waves. The board is specifically built for advanced to expert riders. Use a mast length that helps handle your preferred speed. Though expert-level hydrofoiling goes hand in hand with specialized wake boats, you can ride this board behind any boat.

Phase Five Chip Wakefoil Package

As the name suggests, this board is a chip with an unbelievably small surface area. It's just enough to harness your feet. Built to ride even extremely tiny waves, Phase Five Chip will give you a real and thrilling flying experience above the water surface.

Despite the small board size, it has broad wings that provide maximum stability and sturdy lift. Even first-time foilers quickly learn the sport with fewer balance challenges, as the wings are built to deliver unmatched side-to-side stability. And for seasoned foilers seeking the additional thrill of riding with their feet unstrapped, the foot straps are optional.

Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package 

Enjoy riding behind any boat with Phase Five Gadget wakefoil boards, even in the smallest waves. This option is a real gadget that has limitless options. As long as you weigh below 200 lbs, this board will support your weight as you enjoy a heart-racing experience across the waters. Besides, the wings are expansive enough to give you support as you master balancing.

As indicated, Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil allows you to enjoy a variety of sporting experiences. Whenever you miss some surfing moments, you can take off the foil and hit the waters. The foot straps are also optional. Detach them when you want to hone your craft or simply get an adrenaline kick.

A man being towed on a hydrofoil wakeboard by a cord attached to a boat out of view.
You can ride a wakefoil behind any boat that can pull you.

Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf V3 Foil

Whether you want to ride behind a wake boat or any boat, pulled or free, Slingshot Hover Glide Fsurf V3 foil offers that flexibility. With a longer mast for increased stability, the board performs excellently in choppy water.

Like the Phase Five Gadget discussed above, Slingshot Hover Glide is also multipurpose. Take off the foil and venture out for some cool wake surfing. And if you get the whole package, it comes complete with foil covers and carrying cases for better storage and portability.

Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package 2021

With a sturdy mast for stability and a smooth ride over choppy waters, Slingshot's WF-1 FWake V3 is another good option for any level rider. It's a sleek board with versatile setup options. This board meets your preferences.

Whether you're a beginner learning the basics of hydrofoil wakeboards or an expert foiler planning to hit the waters hard and fast, this board will give you the stability, lift, and performance you require. And whenever you're done flying and want to ride low, you can take off the foil and wake-surf smoothly.

 Liquid Force Launch Wake Foil Board 2021

This board is designed to accommodate the fears of beginners with a large surface for better weight control. With the foot straps for securing your feet in place, you can venture out on a Liquid Force Launch Wake confidently and enjoy your first experience with hydrofoil wakeboards. Just attach your favorite foils, and you'll be set.

 Liquid Force POD Wakefoil Package 2021

Worried about performing in small waves? Liquid Force POD Wakefoil lays your fears to rest. Built with a bigger wing for increased stability and a long mast for navigating choppy waters smoothly, this board delivers high performance no matter your hydrofoiling experience. And when not in the mood for a high ride, you can easily detach the foil and have some fun wake surfing.

Liquid Force Nebula ​+ Carbon Horizon 160 Wakefoil Package 2021

If you're an advanced foiler, you'll love the advanced features of Liquid Force Nebula. With a 78 cm wingspan for maximum lift, the wake foil is built to cut through any chop smoothly. The carbon foil provides a lighter feel so you can enjoy some exhilarating maneuvers confidently. And with the three angled shims option, you can customize the wakefoil to your preferred riding style for more fun.

Parting Shot on Hydrofoil Wakeboards

The more advanced water sports become, the funkier they seem to get. Hydrofoiling so far beats the odds of other sports, mainly due to the ability to cruise on the wake of a high-speed boat without feeling the impact of the chop. With sturdy masts and powerful wings, the hydrofoil wakeboards are designed for high performance even under turbulent conditions. Again, with a wide variety of board sizes, from chips to large surfaced, you can enjoy a memorable ride no matter your experience level. But what we love most about hydrofoil wakeboards is their multipurpose nature. With a single set, you can enjoy the feel of some magic carpet with the foil on or remove it for a wake surfing adventure.

Ready to begin the experience? Grab your preferred board today, and let the fun begin!

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