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8 Best Eco-Friendly Brands of 2021: Top Sustainable Products

The world is going green, and millions of people are adopting a sustainable lifestyle. In the US alone, more than 45% of people are willing to transform their habits and implement eco-friendliness. This is proof that sustainable living and eco-friendly brands are more than a passing craze; it's a movement that's here to stay.

Most people associate eco-friendliness with reducing air pollution, but there are many other ways you can adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. For instance, the products you use go a long way in sustaining an eco-friendly environment.

Here's a quick round-up of our favorite eco-friendly brands of 2021.

An array of eco-friendly brands of bags and kitchen items.
Sustainable living doesn't require you to overhaul your lifestyle completely.

1. Equo Straws

Plastic pollution remains one of the major sources of pollution. Most plastic products don't disintegrate, they just break down into microplastics. Marine animals then consume these particles, which significantly reduces their reproductive output and growth rate.

While reusable straws are sustainable, they still constitute a large part of Earth's pollution. Metallic straws, for instance, are reusable, but once they become rusty, you have to dispose of them.

This is why Equo straws are genius; they are chemical-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, and plastic-free. They are made from natural products including coconut, sugarcane, grass, or coffee and are fully compostable.

2. BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bags

Every year, the world uses around 500 billion plastic bags, most of which end up in landfills and the ocean. These bags take more than 500 years to fully degrade, which is why reusable bags have gained wide acceptance.

BAGGU specializes in chic but functional bags and was founded by a mother-daughter duo. This brand is known for high-quality bags with beautiful prints, but their products are more than aesthetically pleasing.

Recycled pre-consumer waste, including nylon yarn, compose these bags. BAGGU also has an initiative where they accept your old bags and offer you discounts to use on new bags.

3. Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

Few people ever consider the ingredients of cleaning products; they just want assurance that it works. Seventh Generation products are, however, proof that it's possible to create quality cleaning products from plant-based solutions.

Their detergents cut through the tough stains and are gentle in the environment. All their products are designed to have a minimal impact on nature and are biodegradable. Seventh Generation also has compostable disinfectant wipes that you can also use on surfaces that come into contact with food.

4. Burt's Bees Skincare Products

The cosmetics industry is often in the limelight for using toxic ingredients in beauty products. Burt's Bees has remained true to nature by formulating eco-friendly products that are stored in sustainable packaging.

Their glossy lipstick, for instance, is formulated with red raspberry oil for rich color and moringa oil to help moisturize your lips. Its packaging is reduced to the bare minimum and doesn't come with secondary boxes. The lipstick tube is also made from recycled plastic, reducing its carbon footprint.

Burt's Bees's other product categories include makeup. Skincare, CBD, and body & hair care. All their products are phthalate-free, and the raw ingredients are sourced responsibly.

5. Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads 

Cotton rounds and makeup wipes are popular in skincare routines. While they're often eco-friendly, they're single-use, and since most people use them multiple times throughout the day, they usually create excess wastage.

Greenzla specializes in zero-waste products, and their makeup remover pads are revolutionary. They are reusable and more sustainable than disposable wipes and come in a 20-piece pack. These makeup remover pads are machine washable and are made from bamboo cotton. They also accommodate all skin types.

Some of Greenzla's other products include bamboo toothbrushes (for kids and adults), reusable storage bags, bamboo cutlery sets, and reusable beeswax food wrap.

6. Compostable Cling Wrap

Cling wrap is common in most households as it keeps food fresh. However, most of them are made from plastic, which could take up to 500 years to decompose. Compostic is a New Zealand company that developed an eco-friendly cling wrap made from biodegradable material.

Their products look and feel exactly like traditional cling wrap, but they are, in fact, made from bio-polymers that break down in 12-24 weeks. Compostic also produces compostable resealable bags, and all their products can be bought on Amazon.

7. Fred Training Chopsticks

Single-use plastics are a major environmental menace, so most restaurants have switched to using wooden chopsticks, which are more sustainable. Most people, however, don't know how to use them and end up throwing the chopsticks out. This is very wasteful, and Genuine Fred is solving this challenge through its reusable chopsticks.

Unique designs tie these chopsticks together so that they're easy to use and are dishwasher safe. The most common designs include fortune cookies, T-Rex, Shark, and unicorns.

8. Sqwishful Pop-Up Sponges

Kitchen sponges are made from non-biodegradable synthetic fibers and rarely last more than 2 weeks. Every time you throw out a polyethylene sponge, you contribute to water pollution and air pollution when they're burned.

Squiwshful produces pop-up sponges that are compostable and dye-free. They come in a pack of 3 and are made from natural, plant-based cellulose. These sponges have a beautiful parallelogram shape and are usually flat at the time of shipping. They're also light, and to make them spongy, you only have to run them underwater.

Other products from this brand include dish brushes, brush heads and scrub sponges. They are all packaged using recyclable paper made from sugarcane fiber.

Go Green and Embrace Sustainable Living with Eco-Friendly Brands Today!

Sustainable living doesn't require you to overhaul your lifestyle completely. It's as simple as embracing eco-friendly brands and shifting to a zero-waste lifestyle. In the past, the focus was on recyclable products. However, this resulted in excess usage of plastic products. Environmentalists then shifted their attention towards eliminating single-use products, which were proving to be a major cause of environmental pollution.

Currently, people are embracing products that are both recyclable and biodegradable. It's no longer solely about how eco-friendly a product is. It's about its sustainability and environmental impact. The above products are fairly affordable. Find them in major online stores like Amazon.

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