The Best Beachwear to Protect Your Kids Against the Sun

Ever announced a family beach date to your kids days in advance, then missed it due to a circumstance or two? Your house is filled with sad and frowny faces that'd give Squidward Tentacles a run for his money. Kids love a day at the beach; the open water, the numerous sandcastle design options, the beach games, and all the fun. To them, the list is endless. Did we mention all the fun? However, they can't just up and go; you need to accessorize them for comfort, class, and safety. The best beachwear has it all.

Before the family outing, get these fantastic beach products for your kids and give them an unforgettable day at the beach.

Sunblock Swimmy Rash Guard Suit ($24 at Hanna Andersson)

For comfort and skin coverage against the sun, the Sunblock Swimmy Rash Guard Suit is your perfect pick. The rash guard's long sleeves cover your kid's arms and shoulders, allowing for maximum skin coverage and a wider area of protection against chafing and the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

Part of what makes this some of the best beachwear for kids is its convenience. The Sunblock Swimmy Rash Guard Suit has an easy front zipper for when your kids become impatient and changing clothes become a hassle for you. Also, it has super-smooth flatlock seams, hence reducing chafing. The cherry on top, the Rash Guard suit comes in super cute designs that are always trendy in every season.

Sunblasters Flap Hat, UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hat ($8.99 at Younkakurai)

We all know applying sunscreen to a squirmy kid is no easy feat. Well, with the Sunblasters Flap Hat, UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hat, you don't have to. This hat is all about protection, high quality, style, and cuteness.

The Sunblasters Flap Hat is made from high-quality, durable fabric to witness many beach days for your kids. With the highest possible rating of UPF 50+, the swimwear fabric blocks 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays that contribute to skin cancer. The material has the same SPF rating as a typical sunscreen, so even without sunscreen, or if your kid has sensitive skin, they're well protected. Better still, the hat has a flexible neck flap that offers all-around protection on the face, ears, and neck. The cherry on top, your kid can wear it either inside or outside the water.

Kids Recycled Smoked Swim Two-Piece Tankini ($39.95 at GAP)

Just because it's the beach doesn't mean your baby girl shouldn't be stylish and classy, and it doesn't get any better and unique than with the Kids Recycled Smoked Swim Two-Piece Tankini. The floral design blends perfectly with the water. With spaghetti straps and a square neckline, the top is easy to wear, comfy, and breathable.

A young girl wearing a two-piece tankini and crouching in the surf on a beach
Give your kids an unforgettable day at the beach with the best beachwear products.

The bottom has an elasticized waist for maximum comfort, minus the worry of coming off against strong waves. What's more, this Tankini is made from recycled polyester, so your kid is wearing the best beachwear while also becoming an eco-warrior early in life.

MaaMgic Boys Dinosaur Swim Trunks ($15.99 at Etsy)

Your boys aren't left out of the best beachwear trends, either. The MaaMgic Boys Dinosaur Swim Trunks is perfect for your boy. Made from polyester, these trunks have a drawstring on the top of a waistband to maximize comfort and fit any size. The liner protects against chafing and holds everything in place while your boys enjoy themselves. If you have a GPS tracker, you can put it easily in one of the pockets.

The MaaMgic trunks are super cute, with various designs and patterns for you to choose from.

Franco Kids Bath and Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap ($24.99 at Amazon)

Don't allow your kids to shiver in the cold beach breeze. The Franco Kids Bath and Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap is comfortable, homely, warm, and highly absorbent.

With numerous designs for you to choose from, the towel wrap can be easily converted to a poncho and can be worn indoors – after you clean it. The corner pockets allow your kids to be fully covered and enjoy the soft warmth. The towel wrap doesn't come with special conditions, so toss it in the washer and drier, and voila, it's all cleaned up, waiting for the next beach day.

Zoggs Kid's DC Superheroes Inflatable Swimming Arm Bands ($44.99 at Amazon)

If your kid hasn't fully learned how to swim, especially in open water, don't prevent them from having fun. With the Zoggs Kid's DC Superheroes Inflatable Swimming Arm Bands, they can enjoy their beach days DC superhero style. The multi-colored and uniquely designed inflatables come in different superhero names, so all your kids' favorites are represented, and each can help your kids learn how to swim.

Understandably, the kids become impatient, and inflating armbands can feel like an eternity to them. That's why these armbands have easy-inflate valves that reduce the inflation time by 50%! That still feels like an eternity to them, but it's a bit better. Save time and let your kids inflate and wear them at home with ease, and they can start practicing their swimming techniques en route to the beach.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker ($99.99 at Amazon)

Kids get distracted and can wander off easily without you noticing, and in an overcrowded beach, it's even more challenging to keep a hawk-eye on your young ones. Enter Samsung SmartThings Tracker. Unlike other trackers, the Samsung SmartThings uses Bluetooth and LTE technology, allowing you to track your kid anywhere with a cellular network or Wi-Fi coverage.

The SmartThings Tracker is tiny, making it easy for mobility; tie it around your kid's swimwear or inside the pockets, and they can swim at 1.5 depths for 30 minutes, and the device will still transmit their location. The IP68 waterproof ability allows your kid to enjoy themselves without worrying about water damage. If they feel threatened, in danger, or bullied, your kids can discreetly press the power button twice to send you an SOS so you can fly in, superman style, to save the day. All you have to do is install a SmartThings App on your phone, and you can get real-time location updates.

Knockaround Premium Kid Sunglasses ($9 at Knockaround)

The best beachwear includes eye protection! Combine comfort, durability, style, class, and value into one and take your coolness as a parent to the next level. The Knockaround Premium Kid Sunglasses have unique bridge and rim designs, a combo of colors, patterns, and themes your kids find fantastic. They'll be ‘graming about it all day long.

We know kids want to let loose and have fun all the way; let 'em. These cool sunglasses are made to comfortably fit your kids as they exert, or maybe over-exert themselves. After all, it's their day. No matter how fast they run, swim, or overindulge, these sunglasses won't fall off.

Not only do they offer extra UV protection with their UV400 lenses, but they are also impact-resistant and approved by the FDA. So, when your kids decide to release their castle-building skills and play at the same time, no worries. The lenses don't break easily, even if they get knocked against the castles' walls.

Finally, it's Beach Day! Make it Amazing with the Best Beachwear

A day at the beach cannot be complete without the best beachwear products for your kids. Each of them is unique and rich in design and worthy features. They are the perfect fit for your kids and are made to withstand the sandy conditions of the beach. So, next time you think of postponing a beach day, think again.


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