Best Beach and Surf Gear Guide: Umbrellas, Chairs, Beginner Surfboards, and More

Whether you are looking to spend your beach afternoons soaking up the sun, surfing in the ocean, or simply sipping your favorite drink until the sun sets, you will want to bring the best beach and surf gear to make the most out of your sandy times.

If you are planning a beach trip and are unsure what gear to take along, our experts have it all figured out for you. After hours of research and testing the best umbrellas, chairs, beginner surfboards, and more, we have come up with a list of the best beach and surf gear to make your next trip to the water as fun and relaxing as possible. Check out our review.

Best Beach Umbrellas

Best Beach Umbrella: Sport Brella Premiere Umbrella Shelter

The Sport Brella is an 8-foot umbrella canopy ideal for the beach, camping, sporting events, and other outdoor occasions. Perfect for the sun or rain, this umbrella shelter is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It boasts of UPF 50+ protection from the sun's rays and rain. It also comes with two patented side panels and stow-away clips for storing the flaps when not in use. Best of all, it features a heavy-duty 1.25-inch center pole that comes with a built-in tilt mechanism for adjustability and zippered windows that allows for adequate airflow.

Other notable features include a set of internal pockets for storing your items and accessories such as your phone and snacks, patented side panels for increased protection and privacy, and external stow away clips that allow side flaps to be stored easily. Included components include a carry bag, stakes, guy lines, and tie-down cords.

Best Economical Beach Umbrella: Coolibar Intego Beach Umbrella

If you are looking for a standard umbrella with no extra straps and flaps, go for a Coolibar Intego beach umbrella. The umbrella features a UPF +50 and water repellent durable nylon fabric that offers adequate protection and folds easily for portability. Its outside is made to block harmful UV rays while the underside reduces glare that bounces of the surrounding surfaces. It also comes with a corkscrew style tip and sandpaper grip for effortless anchoring both on beach sand and grass. Additionally, its ribs are made of fiberglass that is lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand the impacts of harsh weather.

Best Beach Seating

A woman sitting in a beach chair while reading a book at the edge of the surf on a beach
If you are planning a beach trip and unsure what gear to take along, our experts have it all figured for you.

Best Beach Seating: Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama is arguably one of the best beach chairs on the beach and surf gear market today. Easy to carry and easy to love, this beach chair is designed to offer the most convenience and ultimate comfort. It comes with an insulated pouch for your cold drinks, storage pockets that store towels, and durability lasting from one sunny season to the next. It also features a roomier and more comfortable seating thanks to an extra 2.5 inches in width that is hard to find in other versions. You will also love the attached pillows and bar for hanging your towel to dry.

Best Economical Beach Seating: Renetto Original Relax Canopy Chair

If you are looking for a light beach chair with a protective canopy, Renetto original has you covered. The chair boasts a cleverly designed canopy that provides protective shade against the sun while doubling up as a carrying case complete with built-in shoulder straps. It also features a new multi-position adjustable front canopy for sunset and sunrise, a fold-out hideaway cup holder, and a large storage pocket behind the seat. The product is 100 percent UV rated and features thick, 600D, breathable polyester materials for improved air circulation, two padded backpack straps for comfort, and strong wind clips that keep the canopy up in strong winds. This unit also comes with attachable side flaps for more shade when a need arises.

Best Surfboards

Best Beginner Surfboards: Wavestorm 8′ Sunburst

Wavestorm 8′ Sunburst is currently the most popular and best-selling surfboard in the beach and surf gear market, and for a good reason. It's light, soft, and easy to ride- the ideal qualities that work for newbies. It comes with an HPDE slick bottom that provides stiffness and a textured traction pad for stable foot placements. It also boasts plenty of volumes to float riders up to 200lbs thanks to a classic three-stringer system and strong EPS core. This outstanding product also features a top deck with a textured grip that prevents slipping when you are attempting pop up your antics in the water. The Wavestorm includes an ankle leash, removable bolt-thru fins, and traction pad to help you keep your balance when you hit on rough waves.

Best Runner's-Up Surfboard: South Bay Board Co. Verve 8′

The South Bay Board Co. is a premium 8-foot surfboard ideal with a long list of impressive features. It has a concave bottom deck that helps channel water to the board's fins and an entry-level rocker that prevents pearling. It also features a 6 oz resin layer on top and bottom to eliminate the risk of impact damage and a triple stringer system for ultimate protection. Best of all, it features bamboo layers and a heat release valve on top and bottom that keep heat damage such as bubbling at bay. The package includes a travel bag, a traction pad, customization pens, a leash, and a thruster fin setup.

Best Back Tote: Patagonia Planning Roll-Top Pack

Patagonia Planning Roll-Top Pack is ideal for carrying all kinds of gear, including books, water, several towels, and snorkel gear. It is a perfect bag for both small families and a big one on beach trips. Its mesh exterior pockets are designed to expand considerably to take more items. You will also love its TPU film polyester fabric that protects your gear against moisture.

Best Beach Cart: Mac Sports Wagon

If you are looking for a beach cart that moves effortlessly across all types of sand, go for this unit. It is sturdy enough to carry several pounds of beach supplies and folds up easily to fit in the trunk of your car. Its 3 inch plastic wheels are wide and roll effortlessly in loose sand and poor traction.

Best Beach Sunglasses: Goodr The OGs

Goodr The OGs are versatile unisex sunglasses with a design that fits any face regardless of shape or size. The sunglasses are not only comfortable but are also polarized and UV protected. They come with a winning pouch that doubles up as a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Best Flip Flops: Indosole ESSNTLS flip flops Men's, and Indosole ESSNTLS flip flops Women's

These flip flops are designed with a wide range of colors, distinctive looks, and easy packability. They are made from recycled tire soles that make them all-terrain slip-on sandals with a guaranteed surface drip. They are also quite sturdy, waterproof, eco-friendly, and custom-made.

The Best Beach and Surf Gear Makes All the Difference

The more you are prepared for your beach trip, the more fun you will have. It doesn't matter whether your trip will last for a day or an entire week; having the right gear guarantees a memorable adventure. Our list of the best beach and surf gear is all tried and tested and will make your beach trip fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for you and your family.

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