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The Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Beyond looking up your recipes, surface cleaning your home, and purchasing gifts for loved ones, there's another Christmas poser you might be grappling with: what kind of a Christmas tree should you buy? More specifically, should you buy an artificial Christmas tree, or stick to tradition with a natural one? The Christmas tree tradition can be dated back to the 16th century when devout Christian Germans started to put embellished trees – or, if times were tough, simple pyramid-shaped stacks of wood – inside their homes. Fast-forward to the 1960s, aluminum trees became trendy and brought artificial Christmas trees into prominence.

Why Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Since Christmas trees are a non-negotiable, seasonal staple in many households, it comes as no surprise that many people have to decide whether to choose a natural tree or go the artificial way.

Before we get to talking about the best artificial Christmas trees (which is what this article is about) we explore the reason why should you prefer an artificial Christmas tree to a natural Christmas tree? In a nutshell, artificial Christmas trees are:

  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Durable and easier to maintain
  • Easy to acquire, i.e. you don't have to go a certain time to get a good artificial Christmas tree
  • Non-allergenic, thus cannot trigger allergic reactions
  • Environmentally-friendly in the sense that you don't have to cut down trees every time it's Christmas season

While there are a couple of aspects that make artificial Christmas trees a better choice, there are several limitations that you should consider. For instance, artificial trees are neither realistic nor biodegradable.

How Did We Pick the Best Artificial Christmas Trees?

When coming up with our list of the best artificial Christmas trees, we focused on the following factors:


We filtered out all the trees that are not realistic and presented only those that you need to study closely to know they are artificial.


Each artificial tree in our list offers the best value to cost ratio. Each pricey option has to have features that justify its price. Otherwise, it is not included in the list.

Design and Features

Innovative and patented features were among the most important considerations. Each item in our list has one or more features that are not found in other trees.


We filtered out brands that do not offer the 7-foot option in terms of height. The average living room height is about 8 inches so we focused on artificial trees that fit the standard living room perfectly.

Four Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Decorating an artificial Christmas trees.
Shot of a happy mother and son decorating a Christmas tree together in the living room.

1. National Tree Company “Feel Real” Downswept Douglas Fir

This is as close as you are going to get to natural trees.  The National Tree Company ‘Feel Real' Downswept Douglas Fir is the cheapest of the bunch, giving you the biggest bang for your buck. With a diameter of 59 inches, the Downswept Douglas Fir can fit most living rooms well. The bottom is wide and thins out towards the top. It is molded using the “FEEL-REAL” technology, making the branches and trunk appear as real as possible. It also has very realistic pine needles.

The Downswept Douglas Fir, does not increase your energy bill due to its efficiency. Its 750 LED lights have very low voltage and provide nine light functions that include rotating lights and changing colors among others. You can conveniently switch through the light functions using a foot pedal. You no longer have to to root behind the Christmas tree to find the controls. Instead, you control it using your foot while upright. On the downside, the Downswept Douglas Fir Christmas tree falls on the larger side. As such, you need a large uninsulated space to store it. Luckily, it comes with a base and three separate pieces that stack on top of each other.

While you can set up this artificial tree individually, the three separate pieces are heavy (total weight is 428 lbs) so an additional pair of hands will make the process faster. Also, this artificial tree is designed with very realistic needles so you may be scratched as you set up. You should wear long sleeves and gloves to avoid any pokes or pricks. Check out the National Tree Company ‘Feel Real' Downswept Douglas Fir on Amazon.

2. Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Vermont White Spruce Flip Tree 

The Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce is worth more than four Downswept Douglas Firs. It costs up to $1800, compared to $400 of the Douglas Fir. Nonetheless, its premium features make it worth every dollar. It comes with a whopping 2647 branch tips and 1620 LED lights. Its thick branches, coupled with its lifelike needle tips, make it seem quite realistic. Its LED lights make it look amazing with its lights lit. What's more, these lights are controlled using a remote control so you don't have to move in order to switch the lighting mode.

Among its most notable features is its flip tree feature, which combines the typical three sections (base, middle and top) into one unit that flips upside down. This, coupled with its built-in wheels under the base, make the Vermont White Spruce very easy to store, set up, and move around.

The Vermont White Spruce has a three-year warranty that covers the quality of components, and the repair of LED lights. As such, you don't have to worry about your investment as quality is guaranteed. Buy the Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Tree at Amazon.

3. Balsam Hill 7.5-Foot Nordmann Fir Tree

The Balsam Hill 7.5-Foot Nordmann Fir Christmas tree achieves outstanding realism with its organic shape. It looks natural with a somewhat unkempt look and spaces between its branches. It is quite pricey, ranging between $600 and $1800, but you get exactly what you pay for with its FEEL-REAL technology and 2826 branch tips and 1800 lights. Its needles are designed from real Nordmann Fir cuttings with their semi-flat tips and slight curves that add to its realism.

Among its notable features is the Easy Plug technology for easy setup and lighting. With this feature, all connections and wires are inside the trunk, so setting it up is as easy as snapping it into place. Lighting the Nordmann Fir is akin to plugging it into a socket. You can control the light function using a foot pedal or a remote control if you don't want to move.

Instead of the traditional LED lights that produce cold light, the Nordmann Fir makes use of Candlelight LEDs that produce a warm glow similar to candle lights. This is a very unique feature that sets the Nordmann Fir artificial tree apart from many others. It is easy to set up (you will be done in 10 minutes), but you will need an hour to fluff it out. It also comes with a three-year warranty with the same conditions that those of the Vermont White Spruce. Check the Balsam Hill 7.5-Foot Nordmann Fir Tree at the Balsam Hill website.

4. National Tree Company Carolina Pine Tree, 7.5 Feet

The National Tree Company Carolina Pine Tree is another choice that you can use to fill your home with holiday cheer. This artificial Christmas tree stands at 7.5 feet tall, which is one of the most popular heights for Christmas trees. As its name suggests, the design of the Carolina Pine Tree mimics that of the Carolina Pine, with flocked pine cones and long needles. Overall, this artificial tree has a realistic look, so your guests wouldn't even be able to guess that it's not a real tree. Additionally, this artificial Christmas tree is easy and quick to set up as it takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble. It also helps that this tree weighs around 20 pounds, which makes it lighter than most artificial Christmas trees. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to assemble and move from one spot to another.

In terms of price, the Carolina Pine Tree falls within the average price range. It retails for around $290, which is more than fair, taking into consideration its size and realistic appearance. Check out its availability at Amazon.

Find the Best Deals Online for Artificial Christmas Trees

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for an artificial Christmas tree. Realism is the top priority for most people, especially those who are having guests over or trying out artificial Christmas trees for the first time. Another important factor of consideration for most buyers is the price. Like everything else, the price for artificial Christmas trees varies from one tree to another, and from one retailer to another. The rule of thumb is to compare different retailers to find the best deal.

At Product IQ, our goal is to help you find the best deals with no hassle. We've partnered with more than 70,000 retailers, making it easy for you to find the best deals online quickly and easily. Let us help you find the best artificial Christmas tree at the best price. Browse our catalog of artificial Christmas trees available at different price ranges.

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