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Best 18 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

Once again, the holiday season is here. With it comes the usual excitement, hype, and stress. This is when you think of the perfect gift to give your loved ones, and it can be stressful wondering what to buy and still stick to your budget. Thankfully, we decided to take the burden off your shoulders by doing the actual research on holiday gifts to buy on a budget. We spent the past several months testing some of the latest items and trendiest gadgets on the market, and we settled on these 17 items, which we believe will be worth your time and money. Not only are they affordable, but they're some of the trendiest items everyone is currently raving about. They're also some of the most essential items your loved ones are likely to need or use, especially this festive season.

Note that our recommendations for this year are to help you shop early for the holidays since most items are likely to run out on most retailers with predictions on shipping delays. So, scroll on and get started. The earlier you have your shopping on your doorstep, the better.

1. Silicone Bottle Stoppers for Holiday Gifts

Do you have that friend or family member who loves to end their day with a glass of good wine? Like vino or something equally stylish? Well, how about surprising them with some silicone wine bottle toppers this festive season? With their grooved rings that help mitigate spillage, these gadgets can be used on any dishwasher and are reusable. Even better is that they are cheap, costing no more than $4.99 at Amazon.

2. Habor Meat Thermometer

You may have that friend or colleague who's a self-proclaimed grill expert. That's okay until the day they serve you a half-cooked or half-burnt steak. Sometimes a little help is necessary to help them get it right and know when the meat is perfect. And what better way to help them than to give them a meat thermometer? The Habor Meat Thermometer is not only affordable, but it's the best inexpensive gadget we tested for this review. It's available at Walmart at $9.89.

3. Ontel Veggetti Spiralizer

Of course, we all love fresh vegetables. But preparing them can be tedious and monotonous. No one wants to go through the same chop steam and eat process every time. So how about a less expensive way of preparing your vegetables? These kitchen gadgets cost no more than $9.99 at Amazon, and your giftee will appreciate sprucing up their zucchini, carrots, squash, and similar fresh produce in less time. Ontel Veggetti Spiralizer is just about the best gift to give them.

4. 4 Pieces of Make-up Remover

Some people find make-up removal a tedious chore. Others find it hard to remove their makeup without irritating their eyes or face.  Often the traditional disposal makeup wipes do more harm than good. If your giftee is an Amazon shopper, they'll appreciate this essential four-piece makeup removing clothes. Not only are they gentle on the face, but they are easy to use and can be reused multiple times without much scrubbing. Get them on Amazon at $9.99.

5. TheraFlow Foot Massager for Holiday Gifts

Massages are luxurious, just as they are beneficial. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap, and it's hard to find a massage therapy costing $10 or less. But if you're looking to surprise your special someone with a massage therapy gift this holiday season, Theraflow Foot Massager offers that and more. Did we mention it only costs $11.94 at Amazon? Well, there's your cue.

6. InnoGear Upgraded Diffuser

The excitement of the holiday often leaves us worn out and stressed. After all the noise and excitement, sweet scents are what everyone needs to calm and relax those tensed nerves. Our best pick of essential oil diffusers is the unbeatable InnoGear upgraded diffuser which offers great aromatherapy of lavender and eucalyptus relaxing scents. It's also reasonably priced, meaning you can add in some essential oils, too, all for just $14.99 at Amazon.

7. Counter Culture Coffee Beans

Do you know someone who uses a gooseneck kettle to weigh their coffee beans? Well, there's a high chance they can't get enough beans and are always on the lookout for fresh ones. We tried different coffee subscriptions, and none delivered the best or the newest at a reasonable price like Counter Culture. You can either give them a fresh bag of beans or a subscription at $17 at Amazon and put a smile on their face.

8. Tile Mate

You probably know that person who's always late for work, for dates, or just about any occasion. They just can't get the time right even f, or once. Maybe such people can't be helped. Maybe they can. How about you try helping them maintain time and deal with their forgetfulness? Get them a Tile Mate on Amazon at $24.99, so then, next time they misplace their keys, they'll only need to ping the Tile on an app and quickly find them.

9. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Holidays are all about cooking, feasting, and more, cooking. Almost everyone you know will do some serious cooking and grilling this coming festive season. So why not give them essential cookware like a cast-iron skillet? The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is available at Walmart for only $20 and is made to last.

10. Mpow Flame Wireless Earbuds for Holiday Gifts

Is your giftee a person who loves running or participating in general workouts? If yes, have you ever thought how much about the value a pair of exercising headphones can add to them?  Well, if you haven't, you might want to consider the Mpow Flames as the ideal gift. They cost less than $30 but are durable and of high quality. We gave them a routine lab test and enjoyed interrupted 30 minutes of live music while submerged in water. Grab a pair at only $22.99 at Amazon.

11. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Most of us love eggs, but not everyone has the time or patience to cook them. The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker was designed for those who can't find enough time to make breakfast but don't want to miss out on their favorite egg recipes. From soft and hard boil cinch, scramble or poach, here's the ultimate egg cooker your giftee will definitely appreciate. Perfect for the busy professional or student in a hostel. Get it for only $19.99 at Amazon.

12. Everyday Non-Medical Masks 5 Pack

In this virus-prone world, we need to do everything to keep safe. Help your loved ones stay safe by gifting them this classic everyday non-medical face mask which comes in 5 packs. Not only are they comfortable and breathable, but they also have easy-to-adjust straps and customizable fits. They're also triple layered to offer that maximum safety. Available at $25 at Athleta.

13. Corkcicle Insulated Wine Glass

Know anyone who loves to drink their wine on the go? Or just about anyone who loves their wine? Help them keep their glass full during this winter season with classic Corkcicle stemless wine glasses. It's available in various colors so that you can customize your gift according to the recipient's tastes. Available at $29.95 at Amazon.

14. Deweisn Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror

If your recipient loves makeup, shopping for them can be challenging if you don't know their preferred products or brand. However, getting them an accessory that makes the make-up application process easier would be ideal. In this case, we recommend a lighted makeup mirror, and the Deweisn Lighted Makeup Mirror tops our list as the best-lighted makeup mirror. It's available on Amazon at $30.99.

15. Bluetooth Speakers for Holiday Gifts

an unrecognizable man using his Bluetooth speaker that he got as one of his holiday gifts.
Closeup of a man connecting his smartphone and Bluetooth speaker.

If your loved one or someone special enjoys bringing music systems to the beach or poolside, then it's about time you got them a waterproof and top-quality Bluetooth speaker. While testing out the best and most affordable portable speakers for this review, we were impressed with the Anker Soundcore, which offered excellent sound and playtime at an excellent reasonable price. It also comes in various colors, so you can easily pick and create a more personalized gift for your giftee. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker is available at $25.99 at Amazon.

16. Winc Wine Subscription Box

This is for those who can't go to bed without a glass of wine. Those who must always close the day with at least a single glass of their favorite drink. They deserve a Winc wine subscription so they can always have a bottle of wine delivered to them to taste, after which they'll always get a monthly recommendation and top-notch service. Get them a wine subscription at just $40 per month at Winc.

17. Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer

A good quality hairdryer is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone this holiday. However, your giftee will definitely appreciate having the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. Currently, this hair dryer brush has more than 100,000 reviews plus a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular products of It's a category.  Our beauty expert used it to confirm if the hype was justified, and it completely blew up our minds. You can get your hair dried up no matter how voluminous in less than 30 minutes. So if you want to wow your recipient, how about getting them the Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer at just $34.88 at Amazon?

18. ZZ Plant for Holiday Gifts

Maybe you have someone in your circles who loves indoor plants, trendy plants and is a planter at heart. The Sill, an online plant vendor, offers valuable resources in everything to do with plants, and after taking a tour of their online store, we couldn't help but fall in love with the ZZ plant. Not only is it a low-maintenance plant, but it's so attractive and tops our list of the perfect holiday gifts to give away. Here is the ultimate indoor plant you can't quickly kill, and your recipient will be glad to have it in their indoor spaces. The ZZ plant retails at $43 at The Sill.

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