Back-to-School Season is Coming: Do You Have the Essentials?

The time of year is rapidly approaching when millions of people around the globe send their children back to school after they have enjoyed a long summer break. Many parents find this moment both exciting and stressful. They may reclaim a little of their freedom again as their child heads back into the classroom. However, they might also find the process of purchasing various items for their child to be more than a little frustrating. Regardless, they need to know about some back-to-school essential products to purchase so that their child is ready to go when the time comes to return.

Pens and Pencils

This is the most basic of utility items that children need when they go back to school, but that doesn't make them any less important. In fact, it is always a good idea to have more than enough pens and pencils available. After all, they are easily lost or borrowed. Not having a writing instrument when in school can be an embarrassing moment for any child. Obviously, parents don't want that for their young one. Also, certain pens and pencils display the unique personality of the user. For example, the multi-color diamond metal ballpoint pens show off some character in an everyday item.

A young girl sitting at a wooden table with colorful cabinet cubbies behind her while using colored pencils on a notebook as back-to-school supplies.
Going back to school is an exciting time for parents and kids.

Sturdy Backpack

Walking down the halls between classes means carrying books and other materials from one room to another. School children are all too familiar with this ritual. They know that what they really need to handle this is to have a sturdy backpack. Find one they can reasonably rely on to help them carry their supplies wherever they need to go. A backpack is a hallmark item that is associated with students at all levels of their education. It is not surprising that many students express a longing for a sturdy and name-brand backpack that they can count on to do the job they need it to do.

One great backpack for students of all ages is the Champion backpack. It is on the small side, but it makes up for that with how reliable it is. Also, the fifty-dollar price tag on this one makes it a great choice for those who are on a budget during back-to-school season.

Water Bottle

The water in schools can be questionable at times. Sometimes it is so bad that it is literally not safe to drink. That is not often the case, but the quality might be called into question regardless. It is either subject your child to water of questionable quality or purchase a reusable water bottle for them that they can bring to school every day. After all, that is a lot cheaper than water from a vending machine.

Simply fill up the water bottle at home, and they can sip on it throughout the day at school. A large water bottle such as the TAL stainless steel water bottle is probably ideal for your child to cart around school. Not only is this water bottle large enough that they can use it throughout the day, but it is also customizable, so they may enjoy looking at their favorite colors or characters or whatever else brings them joy on this bottle. Remember, children like to stand out from their peers. This water bottle is a great way to help them do exactly that.

Trendy Lunchbox

The classic lunchbox is coming back into style. Plenty of designers are working hard to make some of the trendiest lunchboxes that you have ever seen. It is important because there is a lot of money to be made selling these boxes to children during back-to-school season.

Busy parents may not have the time necessary to make a lunch from home for their child every day. But, the expense of purchasing the lunch from the school adds up very quickly. Thus, many purchase a lunchbox for their child so they can bring their meals more often than they purchase them. Besides that, at-home lunch preparation means the parent always knows what their child is eating when they are at school. A trendy lunchbox like the LunchKraft lunchbox is sure to delight your child and bring you the peace of mind that they are eating food from your own home.


Each individual class deserves its own set of notes. At the end of the day, this is the only real way to keep things organized in a structure that makes sense. After all, it can be highly confusing to try to keep everything straight when there are notes flung about from various subjects. Besides that, it is fun to get new notebooks. Just think about the possibilities of what they will be filled up with. Sure, sometimes children use notebooks for idle doodles or for passing notes, but they are also a great place for them to store their class notes and observations. It is the best way to capture what is happening in the classroom and have a written record from which to study in the future.

Gym Bag

Physical education remains a top priority in the United States and around the world. It is an element of study that is sometimes seen as off on its own little island, but it is very important to the growth and development of children. Thus, gym classes are still held at virtually every school in the country. It is highly important to look at getting a quality gym bag for a child during back-to-school season. It needs to be large enough to carry all of their supplies for gym class. The bag also needs to be stylish enough that they will remember to bring it with them to school. The best bag for doing all of this that we have discovered at this point is the Brooks gym bag.

This bag is the ideal size because it carries everything you need without the extra weight of excessive size to carry around. It has the cool Brooks logo across it, and it comes in a variety of colors. This is sure to be a hot item for back-to-school shoppers.

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