Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Entertain and enrich your cat even when you're away with the Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy. This device automatically moves a point of laser light, teasing your cat to chase it.

Keeping cats indoors can lead to boredom, but the Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy eliminates this concern. The toy is an app-enhanced experience, allowing you to automatically turn it on and off by setting a schedule on your smartphone. If you want to play with your cat directly, the app includes a user-controlled mode that allows you to control the direction of the laser pointer using your smartphone's gravity acceleration sensors. Simply tilt your phone around to move the laser on the device. This interactive toy also includes 3 different modes with different trajectories and angles to keep your cat from becoming bored.


The Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy also offers endless entertainment for you and your pet. Its features include:

  • Scheduled automatic on and off.
  • 3 modes with different trajectories and angles.
  • User-controlled and automatic options.
  • App-enhanced experience.
  • Cute cat design.
  • Portable design with USB adapter or power bank.
  • ABS non-toxic material.

Perfect for…

This interactive toy is perfect for owners who want to keep their indoor cats entertained when they are away. The app lets you set when the laser will turn on and off as well as what modes you prefer. You can also interact with your cat using the toy when you are at home, entertaining both you and your feline friend. Entertain your cat regardless of whether you are home or not. This toy is perfect for:

  • Office workers
  • Students
  • People who travel often
  • People with busy schedules
  • Indoor cats

Retailers that Sell the Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy

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