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Affordable and Compact – The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to help offer relief from uncomfortable symptoms like congestion and dryness caused by allergies, illness, or dry air. Despite its extra-large 2.2L tank, it still manages to be more compact and energy-efficient than other systems. It is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to set up and use.


The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier is affordable and compact but still includes an extra-large tank and over 24 hours of runtime on a single fill. It can cover an area up to 400 sq ft and is perfect for those suffering from symptoms caused by dry air. Its features include:

  • Cool mist humidifier for dry air relief.
  • Multiple mist settings and a 360-degree rotation nozzle.
  • 2.2L extra-large tank with over 24 hours of use on a single fill.
  • Automatic shut off when the tank runs out.
  • Silent while on, non-disruptive.
  • No filter is required.
  • Includes cleaning brush.
  • Easy to adjust knob.

Perfect For…

This product is perfect for those who suffer from symptoms caused by dry air in their home or room. It is perfect for unusually dry seasons or climates. It can help offer relief for symptoms caused by dry air and allergies, such as:

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Dry throat and coughing
  • Nose congestion
  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Irritated skin around the nose

People who suffer from seasonal allergies, colds, flu, or just dry air may see relief from the symptoms associated with these issues and conditions with the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier.*

Retailers that Sell the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

Click the following links to purchase your own! You can buy at Amazon, Walmart, or at AquaOasis.

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*This device is not meant to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. Talk to a qualified doctor if these symptoms bother you.

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