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A Bidet is the Best Money You’ll Ever Spend

If your bathroom call involves a lot of toilet paper, you might be interested in a bidet. This accessory can shave your money off your monthly expenses by eliminating the need for excess toilet paper use.

Despite being popular in Europe and other areas, bidet seats are not very popular in the United States. This is attributed to a lack of understanding of its benefits. As more people look to bidets as an alternative, understand what they offer compared to toilet paper.

If you are interested in purchasing a bidet, here is everything you should know about its benefits.

How do bidets work?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture that uses a stream of water to clean your nether regions after doing your business. Instead of shaving toilet paper through the toilet, simply turn on the accessory. Today they are in roughly 80% of bathrooms around the world.

Each bidet model is different. They come with several features to offer comfort and cleanliness. For example, some bidets offer a seat warming function, while others provide warm water for cleansing and soothing. You can also find a model providing warm air after rinsing and rudimentary pressure control.

Water is the intrinsic motivation behind bidets. It is the best way to clean just about everything, so it makes sense to use it in the bathroom. A cleansing water wash leaves you clean all day. Therefore, select a bidet model that suits your needs. Once installed, you can adjust it to suit your personal needs.

Why you should invest in a bidet

Before going out to purchase a bidet, here are some benefits of using the structure.

  1. They are accessible

Bidets are much more accessible than you might think. You don't have to worry about the cost of these devices, as they are affordable. There are companies distributing the structures all over the country. Some of the popular models include Brondell Swash 300, Toto Washlet C10, and the Brondell SimpleSpa Thinline Bidet Attachment.

These appliances are sleek and sophisticated with excellent quality attachments. Bidets are also maintenance-free, meaning you won’t have to maintain your toilet regularly. You can add a bidet accessory to a standard toilet and enjoy a hands-free experience.

  1. Easy to install

You don't need to remodel your bathroom with a bidet. This is because bidets require the same space as a standard toilet and come in many designs. The easiest way of installing a bidet is to add a bidet toilet attachment to your existing toilet. Also, they don't require electricity or plumbing expertise to install.

They are easy to use for those with mobility issues such as seniors and people with disabilities. You simply turn a dial to release water and gently wash your backside. You can never run out of toilet paper when you install bidets. Also, a bidet can cause less stress on your plumbing than toilet paper.

  1. They offer better personal hygiene

Using warm water wash leaves you much cleaner and fresher than toilet paper. The spray of water is the best way to get clean and feel fresh. It is much better than using dry toilet paper that usually leaves you less than fresh. In most cases, toilet paper residue on the skin can cause irritation while spreading disease-causing microbes.

Hence, they can increase your personal hygiene in the bathroom by using a bidet. It allows you to clean without leaving bits of residue on the skin. The accessory sends steam of water that reduces the likelihood of bacteria germinating. It limits the spread of bacteria across the body.

  1. More comfort

A bidet promises more comfort since water is gentle on the skin. They provide a more soothing cleaning experience compared to using toilet paper. The accessory is important to people with skin irritation and other problems. The warm water is soothing and comfortable.

Sometimes the dry toilet paper can be abrasive and can cause some irritation. It also leaves behind a residue that is rough on your skin. Toilet paper is not the most comfortable thing to use if you have skin irritation. Conversely, a squirt of water will not be as irritating as dry toilet paper.

Hence, a bidet is efficient at cleansing compared to toilet paper. A general splash of water from the bidet feels more refreshing than toilet paper. You can adjust the temperature intensity and direction of the water system. They are ideal for people suffering from certain conditions such as hemorrhoid and irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Less impact on the environment

Besides the many benefits to users, bidets can also help protect the environment. We cut millions of trees down every year to manufacture toilet paper. This production of toilet paper threatens forests while consuming a lot of water. With the sheer number of toilet paper in use every day, there is a glaring danger to the ecosystems that rely on trees.

Using bidets in place of toilet paper can reduce environmental impact. If you cut back on toilet paper consumption, you can reduce the overall paper waste. Hence, a bidet is an easy way to take the step forward for environmental enthusiasts. They replace toilet paper, thus reducing the amount of paper someone uses daily. You will only use 1/8 of a gallon, making them more eco-friendly.

  1. They are cost-efficient

You are likely to cut on toilet paper if you install the bidet in your bathroom. Once installed, you will not spend any money on toilet paper. Most toilet papers are ridiculously overpriced and take much of your home expenses. Sometimes toilet paper becomes a scarce commodity during times of crisis. You have probably seen stores selling out during a pandemic or crisis.

A bidet can also help reduce plumbing problems. Installing them prevents clogs in your sewer pipes. This is crucial in limiting the maintenance costs of your toilet. Since you're not using any toilet paper, you won't need a plumber to perform regular maintenance. Toilet paper can clog the pipes and strain the sewer system. You can reduce its impact by replacing it with a bidet.

Bottom Line

A bidet should be a basic human right for everyone. They improve your hygiene and heighten bathroom comfort while being cost-efficient. Bidets allow freedom and privacy to people who can’t manually clean themselves and reduce environmental degradation by cutting on toilet paper use. With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to swap toilet paper with a bidet? Anyone who has used the bidet loves it.

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